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PIR Center consultant Oleg Demidov describes the role of the Verisign corporation in the DNS root zone management, comments on the process U.S. Department of Trade’s withdrawal from direct contractual relationship with the technical management of the root zone, and looks at the potential impact of c...

Origins of the notion

It should be underlined that the concept of “strategic stability” was born in the late 1980s in the context of START-I negotiations to serve as a foundation of deep strategic arms reductions. In this role, it was designed to replace an amorphous and subjective notion of “equal...

In the aftermath of the Second Session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2020 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), its Chair Ambassador Adam Bugajski of the Republic of Poland gave an exclusive interview to the Yaderny Kontrol bulletin ...

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  • Affiliation : Department of Integrated Communications, The Higher School of Economics
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A View by a Russian Conservative: Waiting for the Dawn of Multipolar World

Dmitry Evstafiev

“A multipolar world is not a world in which America has declined and no longer claims the status of the only superpower. It is rather a world in which several international players have the power and the responsibility to undertake and fulfill global commitments. With that in mind, we can hardly claim that what is happening now is the dawn of a multipolar world… So far, not a single country—neither China, nor… Russia—is ready to undertake global geopolitical and geoeconomic commitments... The virtual reality of the unipolar world will be replaced by the bloody reality of regional conflicts... If the United States manages to pull this geopolitical trick off, we are all in for another 25 years of a new “American age”. America's world dominance will be so brutal that the 1990s will look a pinnacle of democracy and humanism in comparison. But if it can't pull it off, we will see what has long been foretold—“the end of history”. Of American history.”

A View by a Russian Conservative: Waiting for the Dawn of Multipolar World (full text)


SECURITY INDEX №1 (86), 2008/2009