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PIR Center consultant Oleg Demidov describes the role of the Verisign corporation in the DNS root zone management, comments on the process U.S. Department of Trade’s withdrawal from direct contractual relationship with the technical management of the root zone, and looks at the potential impact of c...

Origins of the notion

It should be underlined that the concept of “strategic stability” was born in the late 1980s in the context of START-I negotiations to serve as a foundation of deep strategic arms reductions. In this role, it was designed to replace an amorphous and subjective notion of “equal...


On July 16, 2018, President Putin and President Trump finally held their first summit in Helsinki. The summit did not yield specific agreements in arms control domain, which means the current problems will have to be addressed by next U.S.-Russia summit. Now there are only two major arms control ...

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Khan Networks: Eyes Wide Shut

Vladimir Orlov

The book by Corera Gordon on the activities of the A.Q. Khan network is one of the bestsellers of journalistic investigation. “The Cold War is gone now. Some say, so are the dividing lines, and barriers on such issues as terrorism and nonproliferation have long been superseded by cooperation between the United States and Russia. Some say, and it even becomes commonplace, that the two countries will try to prevent any new cases of proliferation as it equally contradicts their core interests. Is it really true? Life is sure to offer new plot lines, and we will try them in practice,” writes Vladimir Orlov.

Khan Networks: Eyes Wide Shut


SECURITY INDEX №3 (85), 2008