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PIR Center consultant Oleg Demidov describes the role of the Verisign corporation in the DNS root zone management, comments on the process U.S. Department of Trade’s withdrawal from direct contractual relationship with the technical management of the root zone, and looks at the potential impact of c...


On July 16, 2018, President Putin and President Trump finally held their first summit in Helsinki. The summit did not yield specific agreements in arms control domain, which means the current problems will have to be addressed by next U.S.-Russia summit. Now there are only two major arms control ...

Some time ago the U.S. administration, including their former President Barack Obama, has voiced more and more often the idea that it would be desirable to continue strategic offensive reductions. There are several reasons why the United States are so interested in intensifying nuclear arms reduct...

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General Vandam: the forgotten founder of Russian geopolitics

Sergey Ponamarev

The works of Carl von Clausewitz, Helmuth von Moltke, and Alfred Thayer Mahan are acknowledged as the founders of the science of “geopolitics,” which took its first conscious steps at the turn of the 19th century. However, those who tried during the same period to create a basis for the future science in Russia have been forgotten. One of these forgotten authors is the Russian general Aleksey Vandam (né Edrikhin).

General Vandam: the forgotten founder of Russian geopolitics (full text)


SECURITY INDEX №1 (81), 2007