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PIR Center consultant Oleg Demidov describes the role of the Verisign corporation in the DNS root zone management, comments on the process U.S. Department of Trade’s withdrawal from direct contractual relationship with the technical management of the root zone, and looks at the potential impact of c...

In the aftermath of the Second Session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2020 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), its Chair Ambassador Adam Bugajski of the Republic of Poland gave an exclusive interview to the Yaderny Kontrol bulletin ...

Some time ago the U.S. administration, including their former President Barack Obama, has voiced more and more often the idea that it would be desirable to continue strategic offensive reductions. There are several reasons why the United States are so interested in intensifying nuclear arms reduct...

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Prospects for U.S. and Russian Nuclear Cuts in View of NPT Article VI Commitments

Eugene Miasnikov

The 2010 NPT Review Conference called on the states which possess the largest nuclear arsenals to play the leading role in implementing its Action Plan. The article discusses specific steps which could be undertaken by Russia and theUnited States in the near time frame in order to implement the Plan's recommendations and to demonstrate their commitment to Article VI of the NPT. The author looks for approach that would help Moscow and Washington to overcome the strategy of mutual nuclear deterrence, which continues to dominate bilateral relations despite proclamations about the end of the Cold War and the “reset” policy.

Prospects for U.S. and Russian Nuclear Cuts in View of NPT Article VI Commitments (full text)


SECURITY INDEX №3 (100), 2012