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Evgeny Satanovsky, Alexander Shumilin

Amid the civil war in Syria and the general potential for conflict in the Middle East in 2013, questions are being asked as to the effectiveness of international peacekeeping in this day and age. There is also the need to assess the role of the UN in conflict settlement in the region, the political ...

Less than two months lie between now and July 20, 2014 when, according to the deal reached last November, a comprehensive agreement between Iran and P5+1 should be signed. Prior to the November 2013, the talks on the Iranian nuclear issue had been ongoing for more than a decade with no apparent succ...

PIR Center marks its 20th anniversary this year. How did that organization manage to overcome
the many obstacles that lay on its path to such a jubilee? What are PIR Center’s strengths, and
what are its weaknesses? What is the bar its leadership has set for the near term, and what are
the long-term goa...

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  • Position : President, PIR Center; Editor-in-Chief, Security Index Journal
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Towards the 2012 Conference on the WMD-Free Zone on the Middle East

Vladimir Orlov

The fast moving controversial developments in the Middle East and North Africa seem to be sidelining the search for responses to some fundamental security challenges in the region. This refers, among many other issues, to the discussion of steps for the preparation and successful conduct of this year's conference on the WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East. Furthermore, some think that there is not a favorable environment for such a conference now or in the foreseeable future.

Towards the 2012 Conference on the WMD-Free Zone on the Middle East (full text)


Statement at PIR Center International Seminar in Moscow. October 4, 2012