Russia President B.N. Yeltsin signs a directive "On Termination of Nuclear Weapons Testing at Novaya Zemlya Test Range".

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The North Korean nuclear issue is one of a few pressing issues in the nonproliferation arena today. There have been many efforts made by the international community to deter North Korea from developing nuclear weapons with little success. Now there is reasonable belief that North Korea possesses dozens of nuclear weapons and also has delivery means to reach various parts of the globe. The history of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program dates back to the 1960s with assistance from the Soviet Union. Russia, as a succeeding country of the Soviet Union, still plays a major role in this issue today. This essay starts with a description of a dialogue between Russia and North Korea on nuclear issues. Moreover, this essay includes an analysis of two different sources that covers this issue, and also what this dialogue means for U.S. policy regarding North Korea.

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Of course, Hagel’s announcement is in need of further specification and, at minimum, discussion with Russian experts. However, in and of itself, the Americans’ readiness to amend European missile defense plans that have already been approved and agreed upon with alliance members, canceling the parts that cause the most concern for Russia, deserves to be treated seriously.

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