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The countries of Latin America are different by the level of nuclear energy development. Most of them do not have any nuclear programs to speak of, and they are far from considering nuclear energy as a national priority. The Argentinian researcher argues it could change in the future. Nuclear renais...


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Russian-Cuban academic workshop on "International Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Nonproliferation: Problems and Challenges" 16.11.2004

Institute for International Relation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba (Havana, Cuba)

The workshop was attended by governmental and nongovernmental experts from Cuba, Russia, and Latin America. Among the participants were Brazilian Ambassador-at-Large for Disarmament and Non-proliferation, Chairman of 2005 NPT Review Conference Sergio Duarte; Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba Felipe Perez Roque; Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba Abelardo Moreno; Scientific Adviser to the President of the Council of State of the Cuban Academy of Science Dr. Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart; Chief of the 12th Defense Ministry Main Administration of the Russian Federation (1992-1997) Gen. Yevgeny Maslin, and others.

The goals of the workshop included discussing the new challenges to the nonproliferation regimes and the balance between proliferation concerns and technology and scientific development.

The workshop was organized around five consecutive sessions:

  • International Security at the Beginning of 21st Century;
  • The Arms Race, Disarmament and Development;
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction: Myths and Realities;
  • International Terrorism: Problems and Challenges;
  • International Security, Disarmament and Nonproliferation: The UN Role.

After the seminar the Scientific Adviser to the President of the Council of State of the Cuban Academy of Science Dr. Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart sent the following address to the Director of the PIR Center:

"I feel very happy with the results of the workshop and want to express my deep appreciation for your and your colleagues' participation. Dr. Natalia Kalinina, Anton Khlopkov, Gen. Yevgeny Maslin, Prof. Andrei Piontkovsky all contributed to the outstanding level of our encounters and to the rigor of our discussions and exchanges". 
Prof. Fidel Castro Diaz - Balart


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