A world without nuclear weapons is a long-term goal, which we need to start working towards right now. It is possible that at some point in the future...


Less than two months lie between now and July 20, 2014 when, according to the deal reached last November, a comprehensive agreement between Iran and P5+1 should be signed. Prior to the November 2013, the talks on the Iranian nuclear issue had been ongoing for more than a decade with no apparent succ...

Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty contains a commitment by “each of the parties” to pursue negotiations “on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament, and on a Treaty on general and complete disarmament under strict...

Twenty years ago the issue of nuclear weapons on Ukraine’s territory, and of security assurances to be given to Ukraine in return for becoming a non-nuclear weapon state, was at the center of attention of politicians, diplomats, and the international expert community. It seemed at the time that the ...

In 2007, Vladimir Putin signed a decree suspending Russia’s participation in the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe. In 2011, the Vienna Document was adopted, under which participating countries annually exchange military and security information. However, this document’s effects have bee...


  • Position : Chairman of the Executive Board
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
  • Affiliation : Chairman, Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy
  • Position : Associate Professor
  • Affiliation : Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (retired), Associate Professor, International Law Department, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • Affiliation : Lecturer, General Physics Department, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Affiliation : President, President, The Middle East Institute (MEI)
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"Russia and nuclear nonproliferation agenda: towards the 2015 NPT review conference". 04.10.2014

Extended Meeting of the PIR Center Advisory Board and the Trialogue Club International

On October 4, 2014 PIR Center held the anniversary meeting of its Advisory Board on the topic "Russia and Nuclear Nonproliferation Agenda: towards the 2015 NPT Review Conference." The conference was attended by senior Russian government officials, experts, representatives of relevant agencies and companies, foreign diplomats, participants and alumni of PIR Center training programs. During the three sessions of this meeting we discussed current state of the nonproliferation regime and the approaches of Russia to the problems of nonproliferation, arms control, and the uses of peaceful nuclear energy. Meeting was held in partnership with the Trialogue Club International.


Agenda of the meeting 


13.30 – 14.00




 14.00 – 14.10


Opening remarks



  • Vladimir A. ORLOV, Director, PIR Center

14.10 – 15.45


Panel discussion 1: Nonproliferation and arms control – evaluating the implementation of decisions of the 2010 Review Conference and the agenda for 2015

 Moderator: Evgeny P. BUZHINSKY, Chairman of the Executive Board, PIR Center

  • Vladimir A. ORLOV, Director, PIR Center (presentation in Russian)
  • Evgeny P. BUZHINSKY, Chairman of the Executive Board, PIR Center (text in Russian)
  • Tariq RAUF, Director, Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) (pdf presentation)
  • Evgeny V. MIASNIKOV, Director, Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies (text in Russian)


15:45 – 16:00


Coffee break




Panel discussion 2 – Peaceful nuclear energy and nuclear security – prospects for international cooperation


 Moderator: Albert F. ZULKHARNEEV, Executive Director, PIR Center



Coffee break




Round table discussion – Role of independent expert centers and mass media in Russian foreign policy debate


17:45 – 19:00

Moderator: Elena V. CHERNENKO, Observer, Foreign Policy Department, Kommersant Publishing House

  • Vladimir A. ORLOV, Director, PIR Center 
  • Fedor A. LUKYANOV, Chairman, Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy 
  • Yevgeny Y. SATANOVSKY, President, Institute for Middle East Studies

Transcript of the round table (in Russian)



Nonproliferation Awards ceremony and reception in honor of the 20th anniversary of PIR Center