A world without nuclear weapons is a long-term goal, which we need to start working towards right now. It is possible that at some point in the future...


  • Position : Analyst
  • Affiliation : Institute for International Studies MGIMO University
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Telebridge between MGIMO and MIIS at Monterey on U.S.-Russian Dialogue on the NPT Review Process «Developing a Roadmap for Russia-US Cooperation on the NPT Review Process by 2020» 27.11.2018

The online seminar will take place on November 27. Online seminar is conducted via teleconference between MGIMO University and MIIS, with facilitation by PIR Center and CNS, in order to discuss a roadmap of U.S.-Russian cooperation on three pillars of the NPT – nonproliferation, disarmament, and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The roadmap will be prepared by three working groups (one for each NPT pillar) that will answer the following questions:

  • What are the key challenges to the NPT and its three pillars – nonproliferation, disarmament, and peaceful uses of nuclear energy – in the mid-term perspective (2025)?
  • What should Russia and the United States do in order to strengthen the NPT regime (in the run-up to, at and beyond the 2020 NPT Review Conference)?

It is presumed that by answering the two questions participants of the seminar can develop a shared vision of a desired cooperation between Russia and the United States and, based on this vision, suggest a roadmap for bilateral cooperation. The roadmap will include initiatives on each NPT pillar (NPT review process cluster).

The preparation of the roadmap is conducted by three working grops (one for each cluster) of equal size and with mixed representation (the United States, Russia, other countries).

Participation is mandatory for the 3rd cohort of the Dual Degree program. The 2nd cohort is highly encouraged to take part in the seminar as well. The distribution of students from the 2nd and 3rd cohorts in the three working groups should be equal.

The online seminar, at which the roadmap will be presented, is open for attendance to other MGIMO and MIIS students, as well as staff of the two institutes and that of PIR Center and CNS.