Terrorism has been a threat to Russia since the 19th century. Taking on different forms – from the revolutionary Narodnaya Volya to national separatism with an infusion of Wahhabism in Chechnya to jihadist semi-criminal groups of North Caucasus – it has arguably influenced the pace and ...

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This paper is devoted to analyzing external sources of financial support of terrorism in the North Caucasus – a region of the Russian Federation notorious for the military crackdown on the Chechen insurgency in the 1990s and the continuous terrorist activity which has led to hundreds of attacks against civilian and military targets throughout Russia. The author brings together scant pieces of information on the topic to present a study that could contribute to designing better law-enforcement and security practices intended to disrupt the financing of terrorism in Russia from abroad. This research is based on open sources and may serve as a framework for further investigation with the use of classified data by specialized agencies.

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Polyakov Alexey image
Name: Polyakov Alexey
Position: Student, MGIMO-University
Biography :

B.A. Candidate in International Relations from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University). President of the International Security Club of the Student Academic Society at MGIMO University. Interned in the Division for Chemical Weapons Disarmament of the Department for Nonproliferation and Disarmament, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2017). Research interests: multilateral efforts against WMD proliferation, arms control in US-Russia relations, investigation of alleged use of chemical weapons.