“Russia and the United States should be strategic partners and cooperate on many issues: preventing terrorism, collaborating in cybersecurity, and in working on the settlement of the WMD and nuclear security problems in the third countries. Russia and the United States should jointly counter common challenges which will only strengthen in the future”, - PIR Center Executive Board member Evgeny Maslin.

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Name: Yesin, Viktor I.
City: Moscow, Russia
Affiliation: Colonel General (retired), Senior Researcher, Institute for US and Canadian Studies
START Treaty
Missile Defense
Nuclear disarmament
Biography :

Colonel-General (ret.), Candidate of Military Sciences, Prof., PIR Center Advisory Board member. Graduated from the F.E. Dzerzhinski Military Academy and The General Staff Academy of the Armed Forces. In 1959 started working in Military Forces. For over 40 years, worked in the Soviet/Russian Defense Ministry's agencies. In 1998-2002 chief of the Russian Security Council Administration. Formerly, Сhief of the Strategic Missile Forces General Staff. Research interests: reform of armed forces, strategic stability. PIR Center Advisory Board member since 2002.