Amma Hideo image
Name: Amma Hideo
Affiliation: Head, NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Moscow Bereau
Biography :

Club Member since 2011. Hideo Amma was a Correspondent in the Foreign News Division of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), which he joined in 1990. He was a Foreign Correspondent for NHK in the Vladivostok Bureau from l998-2001, during which he reported on the social, political and economic affairs of the Russian Far East and Mongolia and the influence of Islamic extremists in the former Soviet Union. Since returning to Tokyo in 2001, he continues to report on the region and has produced two highly regarded documentaries on the post 9/11 situation in Central Asia and New York. He speaks English and Russian. Amma graduated from Osaka University with a BA in Russian Affairs. Since 2011 - Head of the Moscow Bureau of the NHK Broadcasting Corporation.