“The ability of international community to solve regional conflicts similar to the conflict in Ukraine will become a global security issue in 2015. The world learned to solve global issues: to maintain nuclear security, to combat climate change, but it still cannot settle regional conflicts. The crisis in Ukraine demonstrated that the global security system had for all this time existed within the Cold War paradigm,” – Nikolai Zlobin, President of the Center on Global Interests.


“The events in the Ukraine and around the Ukraine certainly had the most negative impact on the regional security. Tensions grew in the eastern regions of Ukraine, problems of change in the status of Crimea and Russia's participation in the Ukrainian crisis stayed very acute. Due to the crisis in Ukraine relations between Russia and the West were drastically affected. Those events probably will significantly reduce the stability and security in our region in the long-term perspective”, - Director General, Russian Council for Foreign Affairs, Andrey Kortunov.


“As Al-Qaeda-related groups gain strength and a significant territorial foothold in these two countries, the threats to neighbors are going to increase; Turkey especially faces an increased risk of becoming the target of terrorism. The policies of Saudi Arabia are also worrisome, with the Saudis increasing their pressure on the United States to commit itself to regime change in Syria. The visit of President Barack Obama to Saudi Arabia in March is going to be an important event in this respect”, – Senior Fellow with the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center, Halil Karaveli.

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Name: Makgetlaneng Sehlare
City: Pretoria
Affiliation: Head, Governance and Democracy Research Program, Africa Institute of South Africa
Biography :

A Chief Research Specialist and Head of the Governance and Democracy research programme at the Africa Institute of South Africa in Pretoria, South Africa. Holds PhD in Political Science, with African Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Economy and International Relations. He has published extensively on the South African economic transformation, South Africa–Africa political, economic and trade relations, African continental and Southern African regional integration, South Africa's Africa policy, the United States' Africa policy, Africa's development initiatives from the Lagos Plan of Action for Economic Development of Africa to the New Partnership for Africa's Development, socio-political and economic conflicts, and the reconstruction and development of Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe. He is a member of the International Relations Subcommittee of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress. He also serves as a member of the ANC Task Team on the Pan-African Parliament. Member of PIR Center International Expert Group since 2012.