In the new thematic issue of the Security Index Journal “New technologies and challenges to global security” — interview with Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov on Russia-U.S. relations, and interview with Deputy CEO of Rosatom company Sergey Saveliev on the safety of the space activity, materials of the round table on regulations of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS), PIR Center's report on the problematic of a cybersecurity of nuclear objects, article by the Director and Vice-Director of Kurchatov institute on the possibilities and threats coming from nature-like technologies, article by the Director of UNIDIR Jarmo Sareva on the influence of the new technologies on the strategic stability, commentary from Vladimir Legoyda on the relations between religion, science and technology.


“Over the years of our close cooperation, I ascertain that discussions promoted by PIR Center with the involvement of experts from different areas, like national administration, academic and military communities as well as non-governmental pundits, contribute to nonproliferation initiatives and to countering new challenges and threats to peace and security. PIR Center’s brainchild is in high-demand, and the Advisory Board conclusions and recommendations are important for ensuring our country’s interests and security. I acknowledge my willingness to become a member of the Advisory Board and participate in its work” - Victor Vasiliev, Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian Federation to the Collective Security Treaty Organization.


“By 2018 information and communication technologies (ICTs) will become one of the key factors in the CIS region. Interdependence of countries in this region will increase considerably which will have direct implications for security area and the landscape of regional threats. In order to prevent and to eliminate those threats Russia and its partners should strengthen mechanisms of cooperation between their governmental agencies, broaden the cooperation of national security forces and private companies specializing in IT field, and synchronize procedural and legislative mechanisms for fighting transborder cybercrime”, – conclusions of the foresight “The Information Technologies Factor in Eurasian security 2014-2018” of the PIR Center Summer School.

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Volchinskaya, Elena K. image
Name: Volchinskaya, Elena K.
City: Moscow, Russia
Affiliation: Associate Professor, Chief Specialist for Information Law, Federal Notary Chamber
Information security
Biography :

Ph.D. in Economics. From 1995-2012, she worked as a staff member for the State Duma Committee on Security, where she was in charge of legislation on information security. Elena participated in the development and polishing of draft legislation in data protection law and information security, including “On Commercial Confidentiality,” “On Personal Data,” “On Electronic Signatures,” and others. In addition to work on legislation, Elena is the author of more than 120 monographs, academic papers, and reports, including The Internet and Transparency (1999, co-authored), Protection of Personal Data: Legal Regulatory Experience (2001), and Development of Legal Groundwork for Information Security (2005, multiple authors). Elena is one of the initiators and supporters of conducting the international forum “Information Security in the Global Information Society” (Infoforum) under the auspices of the State Duma Committee on Security, and she is currently the program director of the Organizing Committee Infoforum. Member of PIR Center Advisory Board Working Group on International Information Security and Global Internet Governance since 2012. Member of PIR Center Advisory Board since 2015.