"Creation of a Zone Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East is inseparably linked to the ongoing Middle East peace process. Luckily there is a feedback as well: development of sustained dialogue on the Zone can in turn facilitate the Middle East peace process, leading to creation of favorable atmosphere for further negotiations" - Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Security Index Journal Editorial Board member Sergey Ryabkov.


On October 4th, 2012 PIR Center will hold an international seminar “2012 Conference on the Middle East Zone Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction – Searching for Solutions”.

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Name: Khalil Ayman
Affiliation: Director, Arab Institute for Security Studies
Nuclear nonproliferation, historical aspects
Political and military aspects of international security
Iranian nuclear program
Nuclear Weapons-Free-Zone in the Middle East
Nuclear disarmament
Biography :

ACSIS is active in introducing curriculums on security studies, produces a radio documentary on "security terms and terminology" and liaise between military colleges in the Arab region. Ayman Khalil is a physicist by training and holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Reading University (UK). He served as a chair for the National Initiative on Environmental Security, joined the United Nations for 5 years and commissioned to lead a UN goodwill mission to Turkey and Cyprus in 1999. Editor of various books, author of many papers and articles, including White Paper on Jordanian Foreign Policy.