Today, on May 20, Colonel General, PIR Center Board Member, Advisor to ANO «Aspect-conversion» Evgeny Petrovich Maslin would have turned 85 years old. He was going to celebrate this anniversary as beautifully and cheerfully as he did 5 years ago, when he celebrated his 80th birthday... On this speci...

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Verkhovtsev Vladimir image
Name: Verkhovtsev Vladimir
Affiliation: JSC “Atomredmetzoloto”
Position: Director General
Biography :

Colonel General, PhD, Professor of the Military Science Academy. Since 2013 — Director General of JSC “Atomredmetzoloto”. In July 2011 was appointed as Deputy Director General on Special Projects of ARMZ Uranium Holding. In 2005-2011, was in command of 12th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in charge for nuclear provision and nuclear safety situation in Armed Forces of Russia. In 1997-2011, served in various positions in Armed forces of USSR and the Russian Federation. In 1999, graduated from the Academy of General Staff of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In 1977, graduated from the Military Academy named after F. Dzerzhinsky with a degree in Electronics Engineering. Was born on January 27, 1955 in Uzbek SSR. 05/22