“Broad public discussion of the IANA Stewardship Transition has demonstrated remarkable efficiency of the multistakeholder model. It was a challenging process that took quite a while, the stakeholders exchanged their opinions – but we have succeeded and it proves that the multistakeholder model functions successfully. The procedures that the community managed to go through during IANA Stewardship Transition may also be useful to take on the problems in other areas of international politics and security,” – Mikhail Yakushev, Vice President for Stakeholder Engagement in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, ICANN.


"There is a general understanding of the need for norms in cyberspace. However, any close-up discussion stumbles against differing views on what exactly these norms should be”, says Alexandra Kulikova, Coordinator of the PIR Center Program “Global Internet Governance and International information Security”, commenting on the Global Conference on Cyberspace in the Hague to Kommersant newspaper.


The head of the NTIA, Larry Strickling, has confirmed the US government’s March 2014 statement on its intention to transfer control of IANA functions to the global community of stakeholders.  But, unfortunately, a clear outline of these future plans is not yet available.  It is not yet known what body will monitor how well ICANN carries out its functions, or what will happen if the quality of implementation of the IANA’s function proves to be unacceptable.” – Michael Medrish, Director of the Internet Support Foundation.

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Kasenova, Madina B. image
Name: Kasenova, Madina B.
Affiliation: Department of Private International Law, Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Position: Chair
Biography :

PhD in Law. Ms. Kasenova graduated from the Law Faculty of Moscow State University. From 1989-1993 – member of the Chamber of Commerce of the USSR/Russia, in 1990-1992 – Member of the Working Group on Legal Affairs of the Council of USSR-Canada Business Cooperation, Chief Expert of the International Association of bar coding UNISKAN. Member of the Russian official delegations to international intergovernmental conferences, member of international conferences and negotiations on investment cooperation. In 1992-1995 - lawyer in the International law firm Baker & McKenzie, in 2001-2003 - Head of legal advice bureau №2 of the law office for international affairsMember of the PIR Center EKS Working Group on International Information Security and Global Internet Governance since 2012.