“Current dynamics of threats and challenges to cybersecurity of critical infrastructure show that the EU does not have next 10 years for enhancing CII categorizations and specificating general regulatory guidelines for protection of critical infrastructures (CI) from cyber threats. The process should be speeded up and working transborder mechanism in the field of CI cybersecurity should be put in place immediately. This premise is relevant not only for EU, but for Russia as well, particularly since in Russia’s case within this complex process, there is no need to coordinate national approaches at the uppermost, supranational level of regulation.”  Oleg Demidov, PIR Center consultant


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Name: Gritsay, Georgy A.
City: Moscow
Affiliation: Deputy Director at Radio Frequencies and Communication Networks Regulation Department of Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Biography :

Georgy Gritsay has been working in the ICT field since 1992. He graduated from Northern International University and received his degree in Math & Information Sciences. After that he studied in FAPSI’s New Information Technologies Center as a specialist in information security.

In 2002-200, he worked in classified information protection departments in Russia’s Ministry of Finance. Since 2004, he worked with Gamma, a leading government organization specializing in information security for Ministry of Industry and Trade. Since 2005, he has been working for Soyuzinform CJSC where he headed the Information Security departments. After a merger with Armada Group JSC (MICEX-RTS: ARMD) in 2008, Mr. Gritsay had been leading several departments, and later served as a technical officer in technical security and cryptography as well as in information security. Since 2010 he has held the position of the Chief information security Officer at Armada Group.

Since 2011, he serves at the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the RF, where he is currently heading the information security department. Georgy Gritsay has a number of ministry and government awards.