Boris Vasilyev, Alexander Kalinin, Alexey Lukatsky, Mikhail Medrish, Vladimir Orlov, Viktor Tarusin, Mikhail Yakushev, Andrew Yarnykh

Over a year after the 2013 APEC summit in Vladivostok, Southeast Asia retains and enhances its appeal to Russia as a promising platform for growing trade and economic ties. At the same time, against the backdrop of growing contradictions with the West, the regional actors in Southeast Asia, includin...

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The latest issue of the Security Index journal is partly devoted to the development of the global nuclear energy sector and nuclear infrastructure. Against the backdrop of the oil-and-gas needle and amid the continued devaluation of the Russian currency, the Russian nuclear energy sector seems to offer what may well be the only tangible, comprehensive, and carefully thought-out answer to economic upheavals. This particular branch of the Russian high-tech sector is not a prototype but a working engine.


“Today the victims of sophisticated malwares in the ASEAN region are first and utmost diplomats. Compromise of diplomatic dispatches and other confidential data has become one of the prime goals of malware creators in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia as well as in most countries of the region. The threat of strategic cyber espionage gives a common ground to the ASEAN states and Russia - as Russia also witnesses intensive use of advanced cyber espionage tools against its governmental and scientific institutions, defense and nuclear industry enterprises and aerospace contractors,” - Head of Government Relations and Strategic Projects at Kaspersky Lab Andrey Yarnykh. 

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Tarusin Victor image
Name: Tarusin Victor
Affiliation: the Russian-ASEAN Business Council
Position: Executive Director
Biography :

Lieutenant colonel (retired), served in the UN peacekeeping missions and multinational forces.

In 1983 he graduated from the Military Institute of the Ministry of Defence and in 2006 from Gubkin’s Oil and Gas Academy. Victor Tarusin speaks several foreign languages (including English, Chinese and Spanish).

Since 1996 he has been working in the oil and gas industry in Russia. In 2007, he launched his own private project by introducing Russian oil and gas technologies in Enhanced Oil Recovery to Indonesian oil sector through Petros Technologies. Currently, he serves as a President of the Peacekeeper Charity Fund (for Veterans of UN Peacekeeping Missions) and Executive Director of the Russian-ASEAN Business Council.