Few people today give serious thought to the threat of nuclear war. The modern nightmare lies in the security of the global Internet and the possibility of a full or partial shutdown. Olga Makarova, director of the Department for Internet and channel resources of the MTS company, provides insights f...

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PIR Center Library presents new collection of articles Global Internet Governance and Cyber Security: As Viewed by Russian Experts in English. The articles are done by the most experiences Russian experts, most of them are the members of the PIR Center’ working group on Global Internet Governance and International Information Security.


Макарова Ольга Вячеславовна image"Rumors concerning the unreliability of the global Internet infrastructure, possible disruptions to global interconnectivity in the event of a cable failure, or the possibility of a cut-off of Russian internet users through a single operator, are greatly exaggerated." — Olga Makarova, director of the Department for Internet and channel resources of the MTS. 


“China as a leader in Internet development and related innovations formed the main leitmotif of the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. The country is heavily involved in Internet usage and related innovations to forward economic growth and find solutions for social issues, but, in my opinion, there is a risk of developing the next big bubble.” – Mikhail Medrish, director of the Fund for the support of Internet development “Fund for Internet support”

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Makarova, Olga V. image
Name: Makarova, Olga V.
City: Moscow
Affiliation: "Mobile TeleSystems", PJSC
Position: Director of Internet and Channel Resources Department