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PIR Center President takes part in Atomexpo 2013


SAINT-PETERSBURG, JUNE 27, 2013. PIR PRESS – “We believe that PIR Center’s project dedicated to the Russian nuclear export will allow Russian companies to conduct a more balanced policy on nuclear cooperation and will contribute significantly to the strengthening of strategic dialogue between Russia and other countries”, - PIR Center President Vladimir Orlov.

On June 26, 2013, PIR Center President Vladimir Orlov took part in the work of Industrial forum “Atomexpo 2013”. He has arrived to Saint-Petersburg on the invitation of Deputy Director General of state corporation Rosatom Nikolay Spasskiy. On the ceremony of opening of the forum were present Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Fedration Dmitriy Rogozin, the Head of state corporation Rosatom Sergey Kirienko and Secretary General of IAEA Yukia Amano.

 The Deputy Secretary General of IAAE Aleksander Beechkov, the Director General of the World Nuclear Association Agnetha Rising, Deputy Director General of the state corporation Rosatom Kirill Komarov, President and Chief Executive Officer of Areva Luc Oursel, Acting Deputy Director-General at the Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission Peter Faross, the President of Japan Atomic Industry Forum Takuya Hattori, President at Rolls-Royce - Marine and Nuclear Lawrie Haynes and the Vice President of China National Nuclear Corporation Yu Peigen gave speeches during the first session of the forum.

During his talk Kirill Komarov mentioned that “nuclear energy is a way of development of country’s economy, and not just projects of infrastructure”, he said that “lack of investment is the fault of the industry because it does not manage to accomplish contracts’ obligations on time“. During the discussion great attention was paid to regional dimension of development of nuclear energy. In the Middle East several countries have become new leaders – The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, maybe Jordan and Egypt, to say nothing about Iran. Vladimir Orlov and Kirill Komarov both agreed that currently nuclear energy plays the same role in the Middle East as the oil did in 1990s.

During the first session the participants of the forum were polled on the following question: “What is the main force driving the development of nuclear energy?”, - 20 % of the delegates responded that it is growing efficiency of the resource use, 20 % - that it is ecological advantages of this industry, and 40% chosen the total effect from the development of innovational technologies.

On the question “Which regions will lead in the nuclear energy development?” absolute majority of those audience responded that them to be China and India, South-Eastern Asia went second with a big margin, the rest of the votes was distributed between Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Northern and Southern America.

The PIR Center has been actively researching nuclear energy development for a long time. The article “Rosatom in the Middle East: Why Western Competitors Have Little Chance” was published in Issue 4 (2013) of the PIR Center’s exclusive analytical newsletter Russia Confidential.

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