• Position : Advisor to the Head of the Executive Committee
  • Affiliation : All-Russia People's Front
  • Position : Associate professor , Head of Center for Applied Political-Military Research
  • Affiliation : School of World politics, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Position : Consultant
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
  • Position : Consultant
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
  • Position : Professor
  • Affiliation : Department of Integrated Communications, The Higher School of Economics
  • Position : Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • Affiliation : Russian Foreign Ministry
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The new issue of the Security Index journal (Russian edition) has been published


MOSCOW, AUGUST 20, 2014, PIR PRESS – The new issue of the Security Index Journal (Issue 2 (109), Summer 2014) has been published. 

The new issue of the Security Index journal is dedicated to the Russian-Western relations that have become rathertense due to the Ukrainian crisis, - so tense that experts speak about the cold war 2.0. The other important topics, discussed in the journal, are situation in Afghanistan after the troops’ withdrawal, the settlement of the Iranian unclear program. In addition, the authors address the subject of nonstrategic nuclear weapons, joint policy in cybersecurity, increase in combat capabilities. 

In the issue: 

  • Interview with the CSTO Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha(in Russian)  the primary focus ofSCTO and the changesto its organizational structure. 
  • The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Sergey Ryabkov (in Russian) about the role of the nuclear weaponsin conflict resolution in the near future. 
  • What way of modernization is better for Russia to sustainincreasing social costs – in the article by Dmitry Polikanov (in Russian). 
  • Olga Skorokhodova (in Russian)analyzes economic and political transformations of Myanmar and evaluates both prospects and risks of Russian-Myanmar cooperation. 
  • Alexander Kolbin (in Russian) speaks about the role non-strategic nuclear weapon plays in Russian-western relations. 
  • Summary (in Russian) of high level Russian-American group meeting on Iranian nuclear program

The full version of the Security Index journal № 2 (109) is available on the PIR Center website prior to the hardcopy publication. The website interface provides opportunity to discuss the materials and  comments the articles. 

Your feedback and any suggestions both about the published issue and the ways how we can improve our journal are highly appreciated

If you wish to subscribe to the Security Index journal (Russian Edition), you can do it via the following catalogues: 

  • Newspapers. Magazines of Rospechat agency (Газеты. Журналы) – code 80666 
  • Press of Russia (ПрессаРоссии) – code 10337. 

For further information regarding publications and subscription to the Security Index Journal as well as advertising in the journal, please, contact Assistant to Editor-in–Chief Maxim Starchak: tel: +7 (495) 987-19-15; fax: + (495) 987-19-14; e-mail: