• Affiliation : Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia’s sous-sherpa in G8, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Coordinator for G20 and BRIC Affairs
  • Position : Business Consultant on Information Security
  • Affiliation : Сisco Systems
  • Position : President
  • Affiliation : Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
  • Affiliation : Director of OSCE Academy
  • Affiliation : Director, Bylim Karvoni Nongovernental Research and Training Center
  • Affiliation : Executive Director, Russian National Committee on BRICS Research
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We Bring You the Latest Issue of the "Security Index" Journal


MOSCOW, JULY 28, 2015.  PIR PRESS – “I’m glad to pass the baton to a new team today, the team who made this issue and is already preparing the next one.  A part of this team grew up within the PIR Center’s walls, and another is entirely new. At the head of this team stands Olga Mostinskaya – the new Editor-in-Chief of Security Index, whom I present with pleasure to our readers today, and to whom I wish creative motivation and insightful dialogue with our wonderful authors and demanding (which is great!) readers.” – Member of the Security Index Editorial Board Vladimir Orlov.

The new issue of the Security Index journal – № 2 (113), Summer 2015, prepared by new Editor-in-Chief Olga Mostinskaya, has been released. Ms. Mostinskaya is a renowned interpreter working with the heads of states and governments. From 2005 to 2015, Ms. Mostinskaya worked at the Russian Foreign Ministry; her last position was Counsellor of the Department of Language Services.

Among the main topics of the issue:

  • In the Unknown Trailes of Asiope. In his concluding editorial, Vladimir Orlov, Editor-in-Chief of Security Index journal in 1994-2015, considers the possibilities that Europe is missing by not noticing the new geometry of international relations, and also the future of the SCO-BRICS square (in Russian).
  • BRICS: from Conventionality to Reality. In the lead-up to the BRICS summit, Deputy Ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Storchak and Sergey Ryabkov detailed the achievements of the group and shared their – not always compatible – views on its further development (in Russian).
  • The Comprehensive Agreement with Iran – a Word from the Neighbors. The main event of the current summer was the conclusion of the comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. Experts from Iran’s neighbor states analyzed the consequences of the document for the region in a roundtable format (in Russian).
  • Cybercurrency: from the Shadow Internet to Every Home. PIR Center Consultant Oleg Demidov tells about the phenomenon of cryptocurrency, its criminal past and possible future, and international experience with its regulation (in Russian).
  • The NPT Review Conference: a Story of Failure. An article dedicated to the reasons for the failure of the 2015 NPT RevCon and the turning points of the review process by Andrey Baklitskiy, a direct participant of these events, accompanied by commentary from diplomats who took part in the conference (in Russian).
  • Nuclear Security for Beginners. Independent expert Dmitry Kovchegin discusses international experience supporting physical nuclear safety and possibilities of using it in countries that are just beginning to develop nuclear power (in Russian).
  • Two Sides of Modern World Politics.  Our regular columnists Yuri Fedorov and Dmitry Evstafiev share their opinions on the development of conflict in Ukraine, the state of Russian-American relations, and the future of global security (in Russian).

Also in this issue: Business Consultant on Information Security at Cisco Systems Aleksey Lukatsky analyzes existing methods and varied aspects of attributing cyberattacks (in Russian).  Junior Researcher at the National Research University “Higher School of Economics” Yulia Sveshnikova mulls over the Kurdish factor in the changing conditions of the Middle East (in Russian).  Researchers at the Center for New Media and Society Polina Kolozaridi and Alexander Ilyin evaluate the glossy magazine of the Islamic State, the aesthetics of death and performative reading (in Russian).

Find the full content of the new issue in Russian at the PIR Center site.  Distribution of the journal to subscribers has already begun.

The editors are open to readers’ comments, corrections and wishes concerning the new issue and the publication’s general development.

Send reviews of the issue, questions about publication in Security Index, and requests for advertising in the publication by email: editor at, telephone +7 (495) 987 19 15, or fax +7 (495) 987 19 14.