• Position : Deputy Head of the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo - Russian House in Bishkek
  • Affiliation : Rossotrudnichestvo
  • Position : Research fellow
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
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Applications are open for International School on Global Security 2016


MOSCOW, JUNE 1, 2016. PIR PRESS — Applications are open for the 16th International School on Global Security. The School takes place on September 24 — October 2, 2016 in Abramtsevo (Moscow region).

The 16th International School on Global Security takes place from September 24 to October 2, 2016. The theme of the School in 2016 will be: Russia and the World amidst Global Transformation — New Technological and Political Realities”. The School is co-organized by the PIR Center and the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The course provides an extensive overview of key developments and trends in international security given by their direct participants and will walk the students through the twists and turns of new challenges and threats, as well as examine specific approaches and positions taken by Russia, other countries and international organizations to regional and global problems.

“Participating in the Summer Security School was a truly unique opportunity, particularly as an American during the current crisis in relations between Russia and the West. Not only was it a chance for me to learn about the Russian perspective on issues critical to global security, but it allowed me to interact on a personal level with Russian and Russian-speaking peers. The lasting friendships I cultivated on the trip give me hope that my generation will be able to overcome diplomatic tensions and work cooperatively together in our future careers” — Sarah Bidgood, Graduate Research Assistant at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (USA) says.

Key topics for School-2016 are:

  • New priorities of the Russian foreign and defense policy.
  • Pivot to the East — potential for cooperation and security in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Security of the CIS countries.
  • Future of the European security architecture.
  • Building the BRICS — what will the future hold?
  • Nonproliferation and nuclear security in the light of the new threats to international security.
  • New issues of arms control — weaponization of outer space, lethal autonomous robots, etc.
  • New trends in terrorism.
  • Military and technical cooperation in the Eurasia.
  • Information and communication technologies: a revolutionary aspect of global security.
  • Global Internet governance and international regulation of cyberspace.

Students will participate in the international conference “Emerging Technologies And Global Security: An Agenda For the 21st Century”.

25 diplomats, officers, civil servants, international relations scholars, journalists, graduate and undergraduate students will become participants of the School. The School is open for participants from around the world, interested in global security and Russia’s role in addressing key security issues.

Participating in the School is an excellent opportunity for those who are studying Russia and the Russian language abroad for a deep immersion in linguistic, cultural and professional environment established by leading Russian experts in the field of international relations.

Working language of the School is Russian. Participants should be fluent in both Russian and English.

The deadline for the submission of applications is August 19, 2016.

More information is available at the PIR Center website.

For any questions regarding PIR Center International School on Global Security please contact Projects Coordinator Adlan Margoev via phone at +7 (499) 940 09 83 or via email edu at