Sergey Ryabkov Gives a Keynote Speech at Trialogue Club Meeting


MOSCOW, SEPTEMBER 19. PIR PRESS NEWS. “We believe it is in the interests of both Russia and the US to maintain the viability of the INF Treaty as an important international instrument”, – Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Ryabkov. 

On September 12, members of the Trialogue Club International discussed Russian-American relations and their implications on international security. The meeting took place at the Institute of Contemporary International Problems of the Diplomatic Academy of Russian Foreign Ministry. Evgeny Buzhinskiy, Chairman of the Trialogue Club International and the Chairman of PIR Center Executive Board, moderated the discussion. Evgeny Bazhanov, Principal of the Diplomatic Academy of Russian Foreign Ministry, and Albert Zulkharneev, Deputy Chairman of the Trialogue Club International and PIR Center Director, made the opening remarks.  

Sergey Ryabkov commented on the key issues of bilateral relations: parameters of “new deterrence” in regard to Russia, deployment of the ballistic missile defense systems, meeting New START Treaty obligations, dialogue on the strengthening of the INF Treaty, perspectives of the introduction of a legally binding ban on the deployment of weapons in space, preservation of American nuclear weapons on the territory of the European states and increasing American military presence on NATO’s eastern flank (Eastern Europe). 

The deputy minister went into the details on the definition of strategic stability. “For us “strategic stability” is not only predictability or parity in the field of nuclear offensive weapons. In the modern context, we define it as a state of international relations characterized by the following factors: in the political sphere, strict observance by all States and associations of States of the principles and norms of international law and provisions of the UN Charter governing the use of force and the adoption of coercive measures, respect for the legitimate interests of all States and peoples in addressing current international and regional issues and inadmissibility of interference in the political life of other States; in the military sphere – retention by all States of their military capabilities at the minimum level necessary for national security needs; deliberate restraint from taking steps in the field of military construction, forming and enlarging military-political alliances that could be perceived by other members of the international community as a threat to their national security and would force them to take retaliatory measures aimed at restoring the balance; resolution of differences through a positive and constructive dialogue and strengthening of mutual trust and cooperation”, outlined Ryabkov.   

Evgeny Buzhinskiy commented on the execution of the military exercises Vostok – 2018. “Russian authorities could have sent messages to the outside world by conducting the exercises. As far as I see, one of the messages could be the following: “irrespective of sanctions, irrespective of pressure, irrespective of all threats to strangle Russia economically, Russia can afford to conduct an exercise of such scale”, explained the expert.  

The meeting was attended by diplomats, military attaches, and Russian experts – individual and corporate members of the Club. The meeting was held under the Chatham House Rule.

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