Trialogue Club International is starting its 28th season


MOSCOW, FEBRUARY 20. PIR PRESS. – “As a journalist I know well how much more open and straight forward officials are when in an off the record modus. The upcoming discussions within the Trialogue Club International format in 2020 will give us all – so I hope – the possibility to better and deeper understand Russia’s foreign and security policy, to ask frank questions and get sincere answers”, - Dr. Elena V. Chernenko, Co-Chair, Trialogue Club International, PIR Center Executive Board member, Deputy Foreign Editor, Kommersant Daily.


Trialogue Club International, founded in 1993 by Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov, is starting its 28th season with a number of changes. Dr. Orlov has been nominated the President of the Club, while Dr. Elena Chernenko and Gen. Dr. Evgeny Buzhinsky will serve as Co-Chairs. The Club has been now operated by PIR Press Company. Traditional partnerships of the Club will be preserved while new ones have been established. In 2019, some of the Club meetings were organized in partnership with the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian MFA and with the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Moscow.

Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov is expert in international security and Russia’s foreign policy. He is the Founder and Director of the PIR Center, a founder of the Trialogue Club International. Dr. Orlov is a Head of the Center for Global Trends and International Organizations at the Russian MFA Diplomatic Academy. He is a professor at MGIMO University, an academic supervisor of MA Program in nonproliferation studies. Among his research areas, there are nuclear nonproliferation, Russian-US and Russian-European security relations, foreign and International security policies of the Russian Federation, threats and challenges to international security. 

Gen. Dr. Evgeny P. Buzhinsky is one of the most experienced military diplomats and experts in Russia. He is a Lieutenant-General (Retired) and a Ph.D. in Military Sciences. Gen. Dr. Buzhinsky is the Chairman of the Executive Board of PIR Center and the Co-Chairman of the "Trialogue" Club International and a Vice President of Russian International Affairs Council. His research areas include political and military aspects of international security, nonproliferation and arms control, Russia-NATO and US-Russia relations, military use of the outer space.


Dr. Elena V. Chernenko is Deputy Head of Foreign Policy Department of Kommersant Publishing House. She is Ph.D. in History, member of the Executive Board of the PIR Center, member of the Board of the Council on Foreign and Defense Relations. Dr. Chernenko worked as a correspondent for the newspaper Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung, the wire service EurActiv, and the magazine Russian Newsweek. Her professional interests include cyber security and diplomacy, arms control and disarmament, and Russian foreign policy in general.

This year, the Trialogue Club International, a meeting place for the Russian and foreign diplomats, politicians and experts to discuss foreign and security policies, will attract its members with new formats and even more opportunities for discussing high-priority topics of global agenda.

Trialogue Club International has a remarkable history dating back to 1993. This year is the 28th edition of the Club – quite impressive by itself. While keeping the Club traditions – when professionalism and in-depth analysis of global security remain our top priority -we would like to more opportunities for discussions and debates bring to the Club meetings: both between the members and the speakers, and between the speakers themselves, - says Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov, President of the Club. – “Members and guests should expect more dialogues this Club season – and even trialogues, as the Club name should speak for itself. More panel discussions, more Q&A dynamic sessions, and more exclusivity to our content”.

Among the Club members and speakers, there are Russian government officials, political consultants and military advisors, personnel of foreign diplomats, and leading experts.

“We are excited to see how supportive the Club members have been to our efforts: the review of the feedback provided by the Club members last December speaks for itself. We have also noted comments by the members on bringing new topics and new speakers to our meetings for the year 2020. And we will do so, following advice and requests by the members, particularly those one who have been with the Club for a number of years, - states Gen. Dr. Evgeny P. Buzhinsky, a Co-Chair of the Club. – “Throughout this year, we will be addressing both traditional and new threats and challenges to global and regional security. We will be closely focusing on the dynamics of the Russian foreign, defense, and security policy”.

The Trialogue Club International is intended for providing opportunity to familiarize representatives of political and diplomatic quarters and expert community with positions of Russian officials and experts on the contentious issues of international security. Each year, meetings of the Club are devoted to the most relevant topics and key challenges of international peace and security.

“In 2020, topics regarding the future of the New START and nuclear arms control in general in the terms of the NPT viability will be relevant. - Gen. Buzhinsky continues. - The Near and Middle East with its main pressure points - Syria, Libya, Iran - will remain. The North Korean issue is likely to be intensified. As for Ukraine, in my view, it will be less relevant unless President Zelensky settles for escalation of the situation on the east of the country or formally raises the question of the impossibility of fulfilling the Minsk agreements”.

Trialogue Club International is a place for substantive discussions which still remain informal in character. This format allows to share opinions more freely and ask questions that are hardly likely to be answered in a different setting.

“As a journalist I know well how much more open and straight forward officials are when in an off the record modus. The upcoming discussions within the Trialogue Club International format in 2020 will give us all – so I hope – the possibility to better and deeper understand Russia’s foreign and security policy, to ask frank questions and get sincere answers”, - concludes Dr. Elena V. Chernenko, a Co-Chair of the Club.

Already this week, Club members will receive an invitation for the first quarterly meeting scheduled for mid-March that will be devoted to the nuclear nonproliferation agenda on the eve of the NPT Review Conference. It will be co-sponsored by the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian MFA. 

Club meetings are held in English. 

Mission of the Тrialogue Club International is to introduce the members of diplomatic, military diplomatic, political, and expert circles as well as business community with the relevant positions and opinions of Russian officials and leading experts on the pressing issues of international security, Russia’s foreign, defense, and security policy.

Our members and partners you are invited to join the Trialogue Club by paying either the individual or corporate membership fee. For more information about the Club activities and membership fees you can find please contact the Club Secretariat via e-mail:, or by phone: +7 (985) 764-98-96