IAEA inspections in Iran continue amid pandemic


“In addition to obvious public health consequences, the epidemic of the novel coronavirus in Iran could affect the implementation of the IAEA safeguards agreements. In his article for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Professor George M. Moore of the Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey warns: Iranian authorities may restrict the access of IAEA inspectors to the country under the pretext of combating the spread of infection. Although the IAEA assures that the inspections at nuclear facilities in Iran are carried out in full, the risks, according to Moore, are extremely high. In the absence of convincing information from the sites themselves, the international community (primarily Israel and the United States) will proceed from the most pessimistic scenarios for the development of the Iranian nuclear program” - this is the leitmotiv of the 521st issue of Yaderny Kontrol.

“In March, the Nuclear Matters Handbook 2020 was published by the US Department of Defense. As noted by the office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters, the book provides an unofficial overview of all key aspects of US nuclear policy, ranging from warheads and problems in the functioning of the nuclear weapons complex to the relations with NATO allies ”- Sergei Semenov’s review.

Vladimir Orlov and Natalya Artemenkova analyze the prospects of the WMDFZ in the Middle East: “... it must be recognized that the past year, 2019 was marked by a significant event on the pathway to strengthening the WMD non-proliferation regime - the November UN Conference on the establishment of the Middle East WMDFZ. In our judgement, the conference as a whole was successful. More successful than one might have thought before it began. Thus, a new, serious, long-term process of moving towards a Middle East free of nuclear weapons and other WMDs has begun.

“Verification is a key element and premise for nuclear arms control and nuclear disarmament. A substantive discussion about the future strategic stability, limiting the nuclear arms race and the prospects for nuclear disarmament is senseless without taking verification issues into account” - articles of Russian and foreign experts on the verification of nuclear arms control and nuclear disarmament were published in the new issue of the Security Index electronic journal.

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