• Position : Deputy Head
  • Affiliation : Rossotrudnichestvo
  • Affiliation : Special correspondent, Kommersant Publishing House; Co-Chair of the Trialogue Club International.
  • Position : Consultant, "Global & Regional Security: New ideas for Russia" Program
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
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On December 2, an expert session on international information security took place


MOSCOW, DECEMBER 10, 2020. PIR-PRESS. “Pandemic has vividly illustrated that deficit of international cooperation as to the security of ICT benefits malicious actors. Young experts from Russia, the USA, Europe could make a positive contribution to building up a dialog to tackle this problem”, – Oleg Shakirov, PIR Center Consultant.

On December 2, an expert session on international information security took place within the framework of the program for young foreign experts "Meeting Russia 2020", organized by Public Initiative "Creative Diplomacy" in co-operation with PIR Center. PIR Center Consultant Oleg Shakirov was the moderator. The speakers were Elena Chernenko, Special correspondent of Kommersant Publishing House, Co-Chair of Trialogue Club International, and Oleg Demidov, Member of PIR Center Advisory Board.

The "Meeting Russia" program is conducted by “Creative Diplomacy” annually since 2017. This year, the event was held online with support from the Gorchakov Fund. The participants of the program became 19 journalists, experts, students, and graduates of universities from the USA, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The substantive content of the program was marked by the meetings with Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Dmitry Polikanov, Advisor to the Head of the Executive Committee of the All-Russia People's Front and Member of PIR Center Advisory Board, Daniel Drezner, Professor of the Tufts University, as well as discussions with Russian experts from the Center for Strategic Research (CSR), MGIMO, and participants of the program from previous years.

The opening speech by Elena Chernenko was devoted to the issues of international diplomacy in the framing of regulations in the information security sphere and Russia's approach in this area. Additionally, the speech brought up the issue of unstable Russian-American relations, which, on the one hand, were marked by success in negotiating agreements on confidence-building measures for cyberspace in 2013 but, on the other hand, were worsened with a scandal concerning “Russian hackers”. Oleg Demidov devoted his speech to current trends in cyber threats, highlighted new risks resulting from accelerated digitalization and the switch to remote formats caused by the pandemic and the increasing complexity of cyberattacks. Apart from that, a member of the PIR Center Advisory Board spoke about the modern approaches to providing information security at the level of organizations and in the international format.

During the discussion, speakers answered the questions of the participants on such topics as the implementation and security issues of using 5G technologies; perception of cyber threats in Russia; economic factors and security issues in the context of using digital technologies and ensuring technological sovereignty; prospects for the saving of analog technologies as a defense against cyber threats; China's role in cyberspace.