• Position : Consultant
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
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On January 19, 2021, Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov, Director of the PIR Center, gave an interview to Security Index journal.


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Prospects for the development of the Iranian nuclear program were discussed at the PIR Center Midweek Brainstorming session

MOSCOW, JUNE 10, 2021. PIR PRESS. «The situation for the upcoming presidential term looks rather difficult, as economic problems will put even stronger pressure on the regime, and the propensity to negotiate and reach an agreement will be reduced. However, this does not mean that Iran will seek to develop nuclear weapons or decide to withdraw from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons», ‒ Yulia Sveshnikova, PIR Center Consultant.
On May 27, the Midweek Brainstorming session "Prospects for the development of the situation around the INP in case of strengthening the position of conservatives in the political life of Iran" was held. PIR Center Consultant Yulia Sveshnikova presented the main provisions of her research work on the topic.

During the Midweek Brainstorming session, Yulia Sveshnikova presented her vision of the development of the situation around the Iranian nuclear program in case of amplification of the conservatives in Iran. The following points were highlighted:
  • the significance of the factor of Iranian domestic policy in the negotiation process on the JCPOA;
  • the need to expand the text of the deal by settling several claims against Iran;
  • the possibility of no deal.
During the discussion, the participants of the seminar came to the following conclusions:
  • As a result of the conservatives' coming to power, the Iranian political system will become more homogeneous, which will, in some way, simplify political decision-making and strengthen coordination between different departments.
  • For Rouhani, it is important to restore the JCPOA, because apart from the "deal" he has nothing to boast about.
  • In addition, there is no point in Iran leaving the JCPOA; such a step will negate the entire policy of strategic patience. The JCPOA is also beneficial for budgetary reasons.
The event was attended by employees and consultants of the PIR Center, as well as external experts.