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“Russia has to rethink many things in relations with Turkey, including in terms of security. It would be extremely naive to assume that the new Turkish long-term development direction will manifest itself only in Syria” — Dmitry Evstafiev, member of PIR Center Executive Board, professor of the Higher School of Economics.


“Exporters act on their initiative and help importing countries with a number of infrastructural issues, primarily in the educational sphere. Not only the supplier companies but also the exporting countries themselves work on education, development of the legal base and norms. Japan, Russia, France, South Korea and the USA are doing a great job, especially in the cases where they are involved in the construction. There is a number of good examples of assistance in education and training of national specialists, sometimes it seems to be done for purely humanitarian reasons,” – IAEA Deputy Director General, Alexander Bychkov.


“We should think over how we can further support Russian non-governmental organizations specialized in international relations and contribute to their cooperation with foreign non-governmental institutions” – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.


«The Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages active participation of the national nongovernmental community in the implementation of Russia’s foreign policy goals. We also appreciate constructive cooperation with your Center, and we would like to continue it in order to promote Russia’s national interests in the international arena, to consolidate its authority and influence in the sphere of international affairs. I wish you and PIR Center team success in your creative efforts and all the best», - Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.