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The personality of Evgeny Petrovich Maslin was so outstanding and significant that even during the period of unprecedented sanctions and the cooling of relations between Russia and the West, leading American and European media publish obituaries about the Russian general. This time, the British newspaper The Times published an article dedicated to a member of PIR Center Executive Board, colonel general Evgeny Petrovich Maslin.


The American newspaper The New York Times published an obituary dedicated to a member of PIR Center Executive Board, colonel general Evgeny Petrovich Maslin.


Yesterday, on February 28, Evgeny Petrovich Maslin (1937-2022), a Soviet and Russian military commander, Colonel General (Ret.), member of PIR Center Executive BoardConsultant ANO Aspect-Conversion, passed away. He was 84 years old.


“Patriotism — is not so much praising and admiration of one’s Motherland, but rather an aspiration to make it better, not so much right words and considerations, but rather right deeds. Right actions of everyone on one’s own place. To raise the children as decent people, give them education, prepare for the responsible life — that is patriotism”, — Evgeny P. Maslin, PIR Center Executive Board member, Security Index Editorial Board Member.


“Within the framework of the NPT review process Russian diplomacy and expert community have the opportunity to share common language with our allies. We have a few of those apart from our army and navy: we have allies in the CSTO and partners in the CIS. We just have to engage with those people on a more frequent basis, generally speaking, they are open for cooperation” – Vladimir Orlov, Head of the Center for Global Trends and International Organizations at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Special Advisor to the PIR Center.


“Rejecting nothing of what the life is offering – is my motto,” – today Vadim Kozyulin, PIR Center Senior Research Fellow, celebrates his 50th birthday. Happy birthday, Vadim Kozyulin!


“The thing that sets the PIR Center School apart from other educational programs is the highest level of preparation and organization of the educational process.  Particularly it is evident when we talk about participants of the School, who have demonstrated deep understanding of the material,” – Arseni Sivitski, Director of the Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies, participant of the 2014 International School.


On October 4, 2014, PIR Center will announce honorary awards for strengthening the WMD nonproliferation regime. We invite our colleagues from across the world to propose candidates for the nominations until September 20.


“In the month before I graduated, the Ministry of Medium Machine Building called and invited me to ‘work with new technology.’ I answered, ‘I cannot, I am going to Voronezh.’ They replied, ‘We know, but we need you to.’ They picked me up and sent me to a training center to be re-trained for six months. That is how I became involved in work with nuclear weapons. And I have lived my whole life with this ‘should’ and ‘need to’” – member of the PIR Center Executive Board, member of the Security Index Editorial Board, and counselor to Aspect-Conversion, Colonel-General (Ret.) Evgeny Maslin.


“Russia and the United States should be strategic partners and cooperate on many issues: preventing terrorism, collaborating in cybersecurity, and in working on the settlement of the WMD and nuclear security problems in the third countries. Russia and the United States should jointly counter common challenges which will only strengthen in the future”, - PIR Center Executive Board member Evgeny Maslin.