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«The outcome of the contradiction or dualism in the incoming Trump administration between, on the one hand, the realists who want a better relationship with Russia and a prioritization of the struggle against terrorism, and on the other, the rightwing hawks who want to push back against Iran and China», – Dayan Jayatilleka (Sri Lanka), member of PIR Center International Expert Group, expert and diplomat.  


“I’m glad to pass the baton to a new team today, the team who made this issue and is already preparing the next one.  A part of this team grew up within the PIR Center’s walls, and another is entirely new. At the head of this team stands Olga Mostinskaya – the new Editor-in-Chief of Security Index, whom I present with pleasure to our readers today, and to whom I wish creative motivation and insightful dialogue with our wonderful authors and demanding (which is great!) readers.” – Member of the Security Index Editorial Board Vladimir Orlov.


“The ability of international community to solve regional conflicts similar to the conflict in Ukraine will become a global security issue in 2015. The world learned to solve global issues: to maintain nuclear security, to combat climate change, but it still cannot settle regional conflicts. The crisis in Ukraine demonstrated that the global security system had for all this time existed within the Cold War paradigm,” – Nikolai Zlobin, President of the Center on Global Interests.


“Deterioration of US-Russian relations led to the situation where Moscow did not become an ally of Washington in the fight against the Islamic state, despite the fact that the Islamists pose bigger threat to Russia than to America. The fact that the Kremlin ignores anti-ISIS coalition creates a particular problem for the Americans, reducing their ability to influence the situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa”, – President of the Center on Global Interests, Nikolai Zlobin.


“The level of security remains the same in the United States. Americans conducted a thorough analysis of the threats the country faces today. A better understanding of existing threats has appeared; the political establishment has become more aware of the nature of the threats’ operations and structure. In this sense, the security level actually increased, despite the fact that the level and severity of threat remained the same”, – President of the Center on Global Interests, Nikolai Zlobin.


“In my opinion, we will witness a decade of bad relations between Russia and the United States and Russia and the West in general. In the short term there are no factors that could have a positive impact on this relationship. In fact, the deterioration is just beginning, but the depth, sharpness and the scope of the process is not yet known to us. The current US administration is unlikely to work on improving the US-Russian relations, because it is completely unnecessary for them. The next administration in Washington will grandfather the damaged relationships and I think it will have a good chance to continue to worsen them. The same, however, is true for the Russian side”, – President of the Center on global interests, Nikolai Zlobin.


Nikolai Zlobin, President of the Center on Global Interests in Washington joined the International Expert Group of PIR Center


“Important trend of 2014 will be the restructuring of the global terrorist network. A few years ago we had to deal with al-Qaeda and the two or three major terrorist organizations. But today the situation is different. There is a feeling that we are increasingly dealing with a huge number of autonomous, small and not related to each other terrorist cells that are difficult to control from one center”, ­– President of the Center on Global Interests, Nikolai Zlobin.