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“It’s probably the first time when such a high quality and up-to-date research on cybersecurity issues is published in Russian. Of particular value is the collection of a large quantity of Russian and international documents in this field. I strongly recommend reading it, and many thanks to the authors!” - Mikhail Medrish, Chairman of the Board of Coordination Center for Top Level Domains .RU/.РФ.


“PIR Center’s Training Course stands out first of all by remarkably high level of professional background of the participants, organizers, and of course, the instructors. The sessions were distinguished by their intellectuality, informative materials, and practical usefulness. Not only such programs are very effective in dissemination of knowledge, but they also are perfect for launching of a real dialogue between young experts, establishing new professional contacts and generating new ideas”, - Vardan Atoyan, Director of National Security Program at the Amberd Research Center, Armenian State Economic University, Yerevan, Armenia.


"It is important for us to remember that the U.S. government, every few years, said that the ICANN community is readier now so we're going to change the mechanisms and instruments of stewardship, up to the point last Friday when NTIA came to the conclusion that we are ready. And this is a testament of our work. It is a triumph of the multistakeholder model. And it's a testament that the United States fulfilled its commitment which they made on the first day ICANN was born that when the ICANN and global community are ready, they will transfer the stewardship, and they did,” - President and CEO of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Fadi Chehadé.


“The future of Internet governance is something all Russians have a stake in, so while I am in Moscow I look forward to engaging representatives of the Russian Internet community on this important subject.  This will be my first trip to Russia since becoming the President of ICANN, so I am very grateful for the PIR Center’s invitation,” - Fadi Chehadé, President and CEO of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).


“PIR Center’s training course is an initiative which grants young experts a rare chance to explore a comprehensive interdisciplinary profile of the key issues of information security and global internet governance. The program and the composition of instructors makes participation in this training course a highly sought opportunity for young academic and nongovernmental researchers as well as for private sector experts, civil servants and diplomats in Russia and the CIS states,” - Chairman of PIR Center Executive Board Michael Yakushev. 


“The Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance which was announced by Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and planned for April 2014 will be important because it’s the first time that an internet governance meeting is purely political. This Meeting would look at two very significant aspects of internet governance: the management of root servers  which are responsible for the most basic routing of information across the Internet  and the management of the first level domain names. And the problem with the root servers is not where they are located but rather who manages them”, – Chairman of PIR Center Executive Board Michael Yakushev.


«The time has come for stepping up bilateral economic cooperation with Iran. It is also time to offer the country full SCO membership, without waiting for the UN Security Council sanctions to be lifted. Up until now, these sanctions were used as a flimsy excuse to deny membership to Tehran. Now that even Washington is finally talking about the lifting of sanctions, it is high time for Russia to give fresh impetus to its strategic cooperation with Iran», – PIR Center President Vladimir Orlov.


“The key thing that the international community needs to do in order to respond in adequate and effective way to the challenges brought to the focus of global agenda by Edward Snowden is very simple and almost evident. It is necessary to shift the global attention towards practical issues as the ground for joint work and search of compromise. At the same time, politicization of the internet governance should be minimized - especially with regard to those multiple aspects which never required any political perspective before but are nevertheless facing it now”, – the Chairman of PIR Center Executive Board Michael Yakushev.


“Development of cyber warfare is now rapidly emerging as a new big issue for international security agenda and political leaders and experts world over are facing this challenge. As a possible means of tackling this challenge, some kind of an International Treaty on regulation of cyberspace or principles of cyber governance might be the common objective for the international community by 2015-2016. However, none of that kind of regulation will work if not based on the multistakeholder approach which is still a basis for any solution in the field of global cybersecurity”, ­– Mikhail Yakushev, Chairman of PIR Center Executive Board. 


"Participation in the ICANN Public meeting grants young experts a chance to get engaged in day-to-day real working process of the structure which is running the global DNS system and managing IP addresses, and to bring their stakeholder viewpoints to the representatives of the one of the key institutions in the field of internet governance. The ICANN Fellowship program deserves positive assessment as soon as it provides participants with access to a huge volume of knowledge on such technical issues as DNSSEC implementation, transition from IPv4 protocol to IPv6, update of WHOIS service, development of the new top level domains (nGTLDs) and other technical aspects of ICANN activities", – PIR Center Program Coordinator Oleg Demidov.