France and India signed an agreement on cooperation in the peacefull use of nuclear energy
The signing in Washington DC of the Agreement between the U.S. and the USSR on Measures to Reduce the Risk of Outbreak of Nuclear War and the Agreement Between the U.S. and the USSR to Expand the U.S.-USSR Direct Communications Link.



Today, PIR Center celebrates the 95th anniversary of an outstanding Soviet diplomat, scientist, one of the main mentors of the PIR Center for more than 20 years – Amb. Roland Timerbaev. He was one of the world's largest experts in the field of nuclear nonproliferation, a diplomat who made a tremendous contribution to the preparation of the 1968 Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), a key document of the global security system. 


We continue to publish materials on the X NPT Review Conference under the rubric "Notes from the Field: 10th NPT Review Conference through the Eyes of Russian Public Diplomacy". This time, PIR Center Deputy Director Elena Karnaukhova talked to Ambassador Sergio Duarte, the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs (2007-2012), the Brazilian representative to several International organizations, focusing on disarmament issues, the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the IAEA (1999-2000). He served the Brazilian Foreign Service for 48 years: the Ambassador of Brazil in a number of countries, including Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia concurrently (1999-2002), China (1996-1999), Canada (1993-1996), and Nicaragua (1986-1991), Switzerland (1979-1986), the United States (1970-1974), Argentina (1963-1966), and Rome (1961-1963). Sergio Duarte stood at the origins of the NPT and was familiar with Roland Timerbaev.


"Once we went on a trip with my friend and our families. Rented a rickety old hut in the village, the electricity worked poorly, but there was a lot of firewood. We heated the stove, collected mushrooms, wandered through the swamps, caught crayfish with children in the icy water. There were a lot of impressions, but, unfortunately, the weather had deteriorated. I decided not to stop the trip, to go to the sea. It was difficult to keep the idea a secret and put the children to bed after intense adventures, I had to tell them.

Then, many years later, the children said the words most dear to my wife and me: "Parents, how happy we are that you are so crazy"," - Dmitry Danilov, Head of European Security Department at Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences.


PIR Center continues to publish materials on the X NPT Review Conference under the rubric "Notes from the Field: 10th NPT Review Conference through the Eyes of Russian Public Diplomacy". PIR Center Deputy Director Elena Karnaukhova talked to Ambassador Hamad Al Kaabi, Permanent Representative of the UAE to the IAEA, about the assessments of the X NPT RevCon, politization of review process, China's positions, Ukraine, the WMD-free zone in the Middle East, JCPOA, UAE in nuclear domain and cooperation with Russia.

In memory of Evgeny Maslin, a genuine general

Independent Military Review, a weekly supplement to Russia's "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" (Independent Newspaper), published General Maslin's obituary on March 3.

In memory of the true General Evgeny Petrovich Maslin

On February 26, a Soviet and Russian military commander, colonel-general (retired), member of the PIR Center Board, advisor to the ANO «Aspect-conversion» Evgeny Petrovich Maslin passed away (born 1937). He was 84 years old. The man holding nuclear weapons in his hands. Literally. Thanks to his efforts – and the efforts of his colleagues – in troubled times, not a single nuclear weapon was gone, stolen, or lost.

For more than 40 years Evgeny Petrovich worked in structures of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR-Russia, including from 1992 to 1997 as the head of the 12th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation responsible for nuclear technical support and safety. He became one of the founders of international assistance programs for Russia in the field of disposal of surplus weapons, whose achievements are highly recognized by a number of government awards, including the Order of the Red Star, «For Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR» 2nd and 3rd class and many medals. In addition, Evgeny Petrovich is the owner of the Prize of the government of the Russian Federation in science and technology.

On his 80th birthday, Maslin said in an interview with the PIR Center: «Patriotism is not really a praise, admiration for their Homeland, but the striving to make our Motherland a better place». Deep connoisseur of poetry and painting. Chess player. And what a singer he was! How many times has his song flowed over Moscow, over Zvenigorod, over the Alps. I remember how the Swiss countryman in amazement calmed down: «Russian general. A true general». His latest text was published at the PIR Center just a couple of weeks ago. Maslin turned to Russian and American youth: «If youth on both sides of the Bering Strait is thinking of how we can rectify Russian-American relations, then not everything is lost». As if he bequeathed that.

PIR Center Director and Founder Vladimir Orlov recalls: «Our last conversation I had with Evgeny Petrovich was less than a week ago, on February 23. “Are you celebrating, Evgeny Petrovich?” Terminally ill, in a hospital where he was not allowed to have visitors, he joked: “I celebrate. All these days the only thing I do is celebrating.” The last of the Mohicans. It feels like the entire era has left with him».

Thanks to his experience, Colonel General Maslin has always played an important role in matters of increasing the effectiveness of physical protection of the Russian nuclear arsenal. Evgeny Petrovich was actively engaged in teaching activities, giving lectures and reports to students, young professionals, military men and diplomats in Moscow, Geneva, Washington, etc. He was also socially active. He was a board member of the Club of business people, member of the board of the Vologda community, the president of the Rodnik Foundation named after. Kh. S. Ledentsov.

In order to preserve the memory of Yevgeny Petrovich and pay respects to the talented state figure, PIR Center is preparing to host on its website a Gallery in memory of Colonel General Evgeny P. Maslin. It will contain his scientific publications and essays published under the auspices of the PIR Center, as well as photographs from the PIR Center archive and memories of his colleagues and friends.

«The work of Colonel General Evgeny Petrovich Maslin, his achievements in nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear security, he as a person and a citizen should never be consigned to oblivion. To keep the memory of him is the least we can do to pay tribute respect for someone who has worked for peace and security. Blessed memory», – Elena Karnaukhova, PIR Center Assistant Director for Special Projects, PIR Center Educational Program Coordinator.

For all questions related to the Evgeny P. Maslin please contact the Information Program Coordinator PIR Center Yegor Chobanyan by [email protected]

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