North Korea announced the resumption of work on production of weapons-grade plutonium at a research center in Yongbyon
The Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America (Tlatelolco Treaty) comes into force for the first eleven state parties.
The explosion in Algeria of the French nuclear device, with incomplete fission cycle, to prevent it from falling into the hands of General M. Challe’s (former Commander-in-Chief in Algeria) mutineers who revolted against the French administration

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“Article VI of the NPT outlines a commitment to engage in nuclear disarmament talks by ‘each of the Parties to the Treaty.’ That clause is becoming especially relevant now that Russia and the United States have already destroyed the bulk of their nuclear arsenals. The time has come for a transition to a multilateral format of nuclear disarmament talks, which should involve every official – and at some later point – unofficial nuclear-weapon state.” - PIR Center’s White Paper “NPT Article VI and Implementation of the 2010 Review Conference Decisions”.


“It is widely believed that the government has failed because of mounting pressure from the Islamist-Jihadist alliance operating behind the scenes. The jihadists have become an important political player. It is well known that former Al-Qaeda members and Libya’s Islamic Fighting Group are now members of the General National Council. They effectively control some cities in Easter Libya, particularly Derna, and parts of Benghazi”, – independent Libyan academic, journalist, Mustafa Fetouri.


“Priorities in international relations have changed. We need to abandon ideological and other superstitions and instincts, as well as intellectual inertia of the past. Rational policy, state pragmatism and creative approaches to conflict resolution are in demand. Bloc and hierarchical structures are being substituted with multilateral and network diplomacy, which implies various and probably cross-cutting forms of interaction between states to meet common challenges,” – writes the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov in his article for the Security Index journal.

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