The RF Government issues a Decree "On Strengthening of Control over Exportation of Dual-Use Items and Services Related to Weapons of Mass Destruction of Missile Means of Their Delivery".



On January 19, 2021, Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov, Director of the PIR Center, gave an interview to the Security Index journal. He shared his views on the great potential of the Russian-US cooperation in the framework of the NPT, threats of nuclear proliferation, suggesting how to make the P5 framework practically useful, and what is the role of China, the United Kingdom and India in the nonproliferation regime.


PIR Center experts Vladimir Orlov and Sergey Semenov discuss the prospects for the Russian-American dialogue on arms control.


The article analyzes the correlation between the regions impacted by the spread of COVID-19 and the territories of genetically modified organisms crops cultivation and consumption. The authors note that the highest mortality rates from COVID-19 can be observed in countries with a high level of genetically modified foods production and consumption, while the countries where it is prohibited hold low COVID-19 mortality rates. Based on the data analyzed, a hypothesis is put forward about the correlation between the global spread of COVID-19 and GM foods, along with the production and consumption of GMO crops.

The 20th Anniversary of the Trialogue Club International (1993-2013)

Dear Members of the Trialogue Club International,

In 2013 the Trialogue Club celebrated its 20th Anniversary!

The Trialogue Club is a unique community of leading diplomats, experts, businessmen. Club members attended 5 Clubmeetings with leading Russian and foreign experts on international security, received issues of the Security Index journal, 12 issues of the Russia Confidential analytical bullitin and  invitations to all PIR Center’s events as well as several pleasant surprises for our permanent members.

Looking forward to welcome you at the next Club meetings!


Dr. Dmitry V. Polikanov

Chairman of the Trialogue Club International

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