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Education projects

Shaping the next generation of experts is the main goal of the education and training system on nonproliferation, created and supported by PIR Center in Russia and worldwide. This system includes development of International School on Global Security, cooperation with Russian and CIS universities, Dual Degree Master`s program in Nonproliferation Studies, internship program, involving young scholars into practical research and other networking activities.

During its more than 26 years of experience PIR Center has built up a great collection of reports, journals, monographs, archival documents, interviews, and audiovisual materials, which constitute an invaluable source of considerable expertise of prominent academics and practitioners in the field of nuclear nonproliferation and international security from all over the world. We believe that this expertise must be shared with all nonproliferation community in Russia, CIS countries, the U.S.A., Europe, and further.

PIR Center is planning to create a modern, technologically attractive, and user-friendly online platform for education and training in nonproliferation and arms control, which will become a unique educational and communication portal for the current and future generation of experts in the field of international security.

The goal of the project  is on the one hand, to preserve enormous amounts of documents (including recently declassified) and materials in electronic formats for future generations, as well as to support sustainability of nonproliferation studies in Russia, Europe and other regions, and on the other hand, to attract the best students to research and development of professional career in the sphere of nonproliferation and global security along with strengthening of the PIR Center’s Alumni Community, contained by its 1,000+ members and experts of different levels from 58 countries.

The online platform will host an invaluable archive of materials in Russian and English related to WMD nonproliferation and global security (monographs, analytical articles, reports, workbooks, interviews, blogs, etc.). A special section will be devoted to the archive of manuscripts, books and materials of Roland M. Timerbaev, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Professor, one of the authors of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Online educational events (online training courses, lectures, research seminars, webinars, etc.) will be conducted on the platform.

PIR Center has developed a plan for such a new platform and have purchased 1) Nonproliferation.Ru for the Russian audience and for training in Russian language, including online courses we will be providing for five Russian leading regional universities as well as 2) Nonproliferation.World for Russian and global educational projects held in English.

Students from different countries will not only be the objects for such educational programs on our side but also will be subjects who will take an active part in the process. They will be invited to publish their peer-reviewed articles and blog entries on the new online platform, as well as provided an opportunity for exchanging their experiences through informal gatherings and “lessons-learned” informal exchanges that will be regularly held on the basis of  the platform.

The online platform Nonproliferation.Ru / Nonproliferation.World is planned to be launched in for Summer 2021 and will be filled with more specific content, digitalized documents and archives throughout 2021.


"There has never been a greater need for education in the areas of disarmament and non-proliferation, especially with regard to weapons of mass destruction, but also in the field of small arms and international terrorism. Since the end of the cold war, changing concepts of security and threat have demanded new thinking. Such new thinking will arise from those who are educated and trained today," - Report of the UN Secretary General "United Nations study on disarmament andnon-proliferation education" (А/57/124), 30 August 2002


Nonproliferation, Arms Control, and Nuclear Security Education in the CIS space - chapter that contains the most up-to-date information on the educational activities in the Post-Soviet countries.





International and national documents on the Nonproliferation, Arms Control, and Nuclear Security Education that form a basis for training of the new generation of specialists

Every Midweek Brainstorming is like a chamber concert; there are no accidental people present. A discussion of a problem or an expert report debated by a small number of highly qualified professionals makes it possible to learn new things and, more significantly, to discuss the nature of the problem honestly, regardless of the personalities involved".

Pavel Luzin, PhD in Political Sciences, PIR Center Alumnus


NS_2.JPG“It was useful, I’ve got several new ides” – such feedback is the main criterion of success for the organizers of the Midweek Brainstorming sessions, a series of informal seminars hosted by PIR Center. Interested people gather at PIR Center, including researchers, Foreign Ministries and Defense Ministries diplomats, analysts, engineers and journalists. Some of them are young specialists; some have decades of experience under their belt.

What needs to be done to ensure the long-awaited success of the military reform? The future of China’s nuclear policy – is Beijing willing to consider reducing its arsenal, or is it trying to ramp it up? Is the new constitution of Kyrgyzstan in line with the national character of the country? Will it calm the country down, or lead to another revolution? What exactly is being studied by hundreds of students from Myanmar at nuclear universities? These and many other fascinating questions have been discussed during Midweek Brainstorming sessions over the past year.

The Midweek Brainstorming sessions are held in two formats. One is where an experienced expert takes the center stage; the other is where young researchers defend their theses and thereby begin their professional career. As a rule, the topic chosen for such theses is something new, with no experienced experts available for that narrow subject. But the event is always attended by professionals who can give valuable advice as to what to change, what to add or remove from the thesis, and how to polish it.

The defense of a thesis turns into an insightful debate between real professionals, which especially impresses the young researchers. If the outcome is positive, the young trainee’s piece of research can be recommended for publication. And after such a discussion, an article even by a beginner can take its rightful place among works by well-known professionals. Tea and snacks are offered during the two-hour sessions.

Midweek Brainstorming Sessions:

  • Presentations of research papers at PIR Center – new projects by experienced professionals, and first projects by young scholars
  • Free exchange of opinion and thoughts on key international security issues
  • Meetings with colleagues and new interesting people

For information about the upcoming Midweek Brainstorming sessions, please call +7 (495) 987 19 15 or check “Events Schedule” at our main page

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