“Russia welcomes the agreement reached today in Vienna on a settlement of the situation concerning Iran’s nuclear programme and the joint comprehensiv...


The Iranian presidential election held on June 14, 2013 was won by the moderate candidate, Hassan Rouhani; his victory came as something of a surprise even for his own team.
Amir Roknifard, an information security consultant, and PIR Center expert Yulia Sveshnikova analyze the factors that have broug...

On 16-17 March the Strategic Studies Network from Near East South Asia (NESA) Center of the US National Defense University convened a task force to develop a draft agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. The group – consisting of P5+1, EU, GCC (Gulf Countries Council), Israeli, and Turkish experts...

The Iranian nuclear program: is it a threat, and can it trigger an arms race in the Middle East? Or are rumors about its dangers much exaggerated? What are the main problems with the approaches being used by the international community to address the issue? What are the steps Iran itself is prepared...

Having visited the Middle East, Washington and now Brussels in the past few months, I keep trying to figure out the answers to the following questions: Who wants a war with Iran? And will there be a war?

My first conclusion is that very few people want a war with Iran. In fact, almost nobody does, b...

First meeting of the Russian-US working group on Iranian nuclear issue, established by PIR Center and the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies 29.01.2014

In coopeartion with Centre russe d'etudes politiques

The expert support of the the direct interaction of Washington and Moscow is crucial for maintaining positive dynamics of the process of negotiations between Iran and P5+1. With this goal PIR Center and Near East South Asia (NESA) Center have formed a bilateral task force to address the Iranian issue.

US-Russian task force on Iran co-organized by PIR Center and NESA met in Gstaad, Switzerland on January 27-29, 2014.

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Iran and the international agreements in the sphere of nuclear nonproliferation and peaceful nuclear energy

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