Makarov Nikolay image
Name: Makarov Nikolay
Biography :

Graduated from Moscow Combined Arms Command School in 1971 and assumed command over a platoon (later, company and battalion) with the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. In 1979, he earned a degree at Frunze Military Academy and reported to the then Transbaikal Military District as deputy regiment commander, deputy division commander, motorized rifle division commander. In 1993, graduated from the General Staff Academy and was appointed as Chief of Staff, Russian Joint Forces in Tajikistan, and later was assigned to Volga Military District as the Chief of Staff. In 1998 he took up the post as Land and Seashore Force Commander at the Baltic Fleet. In 1999 he assumed the duties as First Deputy Commander in Moscow Military District, in 2002 – as Commander in Siberian Military District. In 2005 he was promoted to his present rank of General of the Army. In 2007 he was appointed as Chief of the Armament for the Russian Armed Forces, Deputy Minister of Defense. In 2008-2012 - Chief of the Russian General Staff of the Armed Forces and First Deputy Defense Minister of the Russian Federation.