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Global Times chief editor Hu Xijin calls to increase the Chinese nuclear arsenal


“The call of the Global Times chief editor Hu Xijin to increase the Chinese nuclear arsenal to 1000 warheads and put into service 100 DF-41 ICBMs caused a heated debate in the expert community. According to Xijin, the size of deterrence forces on a daily basis determines the attitude of American elites to China. He later explained that the threshold of 1,000 warheads is just a guideline. “If the United States continues to believe that China has only a few hundred warheads at its disposal, it will be dangerous for China” - this is the leitmotiv of the 523rd issue of Yaderny Kontrol.

“The importance of the OST for the European countries of NATO and the EU is determined by the fact that the implementation of their own observation flights weakens their dependence on the information that the US receives from its “national technical means” and which it is ready to share with its allies. The European countries’ lack of their own "national technical means" comparable to American makes them potentially vulnerable to possible manipulations by the United States" - leading Russian and foreign experts comment on the US withdrawal from the OST.

Nikita Degtyarev analyzes the prospects for deploying American nuclear weapons in Poland: “What triggered a statement by the US ambassador to Warsaw on the deployment of American nuclear weapons in Poland, and is such a scenario possible? Why would this only aggravate Russia's already difficult relations with the US and NATO, and why is it disadvantageous for NATO?”

“The Trump administration entered the year of the presidential election with the absence of any significant diplomatic achievements. The flaws of the American approach based on “maximum pressure” and the unpreparedness for any compromises were especially demonstrated in the Iranian story” - Andrey Baklitskiy about the chances of the United States to achieve the return of UN sanctions against Iran.

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