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Russian government has recognized PIR Center as a socially oriented Russian NGO


MOSCOW, SEPTEMBER 16, 2020. PIR PRESS. “It is important that PIR Center, along with other socially significant public organizations, will be able to take advantage of the support measures provided by the state. The inclusion in the register indicates that the organization is among the active community of NGOs and has a good reputation, which was confirmed during the implementation of specific projects. I’m sure that during this difficult time, support measures from the state will allow the PIR Center to more easily overcome the consequences of the pandemic faced by the Russian “third sector”, – Dmitry Polikanov, Advisor to the Head of the All-Russia People's Front Executive Committee, PIR Center Executive Board member.

Upon instruction of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia formed a register of socially oriented non-profit organizations (social'no orientirovannye nekommercheskie organizacii, SONKO), which are provided with additional support measures. According to the list, PIR Center is included in the registry and now has the status of SONKO.

With this, the Russian government has recognized the socially significant and responsible work carried out by the PIR Center in the field of global security, nuclear nonproliferation, countering new challenges and threats, and training a new generation of specialists in the field of foreign policy and international security. Private grantmakers, government funds, and the business community have been supporting the implementation of the PIR Center projects and mission for many years.

Importance of the PIR Center, which celebrated its 26th anniversary this year, has long been recognized at the international level (PIR Center has associated status with the UN (ECOSOC) since 2010). Now the status of a socially significant NGO is officially enshrined at the state level (SONKO).

“For Russian business, namely, those companies that consider the possibility of supporting PIR Center and its projects, the new status of the organization is especially attractive, because, in terms of taxation, it becomes profitable for companies to financially support (in the form of charity) organizations included in the SONKO registry”, – noted PIR Center Director Vladimir Orlov at the meeting of the PIR Center team, which was held in an online format.

Twenty PIR Center employees, consultants, and interns, as well as invited members of its Executive and Advisory Boards and alumni of the Education & Training Program Program, attended the meeting.

The PIR Center Director spoke about the new structure of PIR Center projects, united into six Programs. Nuclear Nonproliferation & Russia Program and Education & Training Program have become the hallmark of the organization. Along with these programs, Emerging Technologies and Global Security Program, Russia’s Priorities in Regional Security Program, Information & Publications Program, and Partnerships & Networking Program were formed. The total portfolio of the PIR Center for 2020-2022 is 30 projects.

The online format of the PIR Center team meeting made it possible to virtually bring PIR Center employees and consultants from such different parts of Russia as Moscow, Stavropol, Balashikha (Moscow Oblast), Kosulino village (Sverdlovsk Oblast), Yakimanskoye village (Vladimir Oblast), Khudyakovo village (Irkutsk Oblast),  as well as colleagues from Geneva (Switzerland), New York (USA) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

“With the onset of the autumn season, PIR Center returns to a more traditional format of work. We take into account the peculiarities of the epidemiological situation, monitor its dynamics and resume office work but gradually and with the rotation of employees in the office to ensure social distancing since the most important thing for us today is the good health of the PIR staff,'' said Vladimir Orlov. “It is not just a pandemic. PIR Center has been testing remote work formats for the past several years. These formats show their effectiveness. Therefore, we will continue to move in this direction as actively as it is reasonable and promising. We also master mixed formats. Thus, the main event of PIR’s autumn, the 20th anniversary International School on Global Security, will be held in Zvenigorod (Moscow Oblast) mainly in the usual, face-to-face mode. However, those School participants who won the competition and were selected from other countries, but could not come due to the current pandemic restrictions, will connect to us online and will study in Zvenigorod virtually for nine days, with the opportunity to receive the same School’s certificate as full-time participants".

For questions regarding the "Nuclear Nonproliferation & Russia" Program, please contact Coordinator of the Program Sergey Semenov via e-mail [email protected]. For questions regarding the "Emerging Technologies and Global Security" Program,  please contact Director of the Program Vadim Kozyulin, [email protected]. For questions regarding the “Education & Training” Program, please contact Director of the Program Yulia Sych by email [email protected]. For questions regarding the "Information & Publications" Program, please contact Coordinator of the Program Nikita Degtyarev via e-mail [email protected].