Bayonet Wars Are In The Past. Now We Use Intellect - and Sometimes Handwork


MOSCOW. DECEMBER 18, 2020. PIR PRESS. “We must learn to anticipate the consequences of the development of new dangerous military technologies and classes of weapons through timely political and legal steps. Otherwise, we will again face a long and exhausting arms race and the emergence of severe crises and confrontations, ”- Senior Advisor, Vice President of the PIR Center (2003-2013), Lieutenant-General of the Foreign Intelligence Service Gennady Evstafiev (1938-2013).

EDITORIAL: This issue of “Open Collar” is special and is released on a special occasion. December 20 marks the centenary of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation. Our friend, Gennady Evstafiev, Senior Vice President of the PIR Center, in the past was the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service profile department on arms control and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately, Gennady Evstafiev passed away in 2013, and we did not have time to interview him about personal matters. Therefore, this issue of "Open Collar" will not contain stories about favorite books or the childhood of Lieutenant-General Evstafiev - only thoughts from his works and speeches of different years which, as it seemed to us, remain relevant today. 

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