Cooperation with Universities: Methodological Basis for Sharing Best Practices in Nonproliferation Pedagogy

Cooperation with universities has been one of the priorities of PIR Center since its founding. In 1997, with the participation of PIR Center, a learning module on nuclear nonproliferation was launched as part of the M.A. Program of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute). On this basis, the PIR Center Education & Training Program began to develop.

Traditional areas of the development of cooperation between PIR Center and universities are:

  • organization of internships for students and young scientists by PIR Center;
  • involvement of students and graduate students in research work under the auspices of PIR Center;
  • сonducting training courses, face-to-face seminars and training modules by PIR Center in partner universities;
  • organization of joint educational programs;
  • invitation of representatives of partner universities to PIR Center events, as well as participation of PIR Center experts in projects of partner universities.

In 2022, two new areas of PIR Center work were launched:

creation of a consortium on a joint project with MGIMO University within the framework of the Priority-2030 Strategic Academic Leadership Program

approbation of international brainstorming sessions on the methodological foundations of teaching nuclear nonproliferation

As a result, the cooperation between PIR Center and universities pursues such goals as:

  1. formation of a national research and training school on nuclear aspects of global security;
  2. improvement of the pedagogical and methodological foundations for teaching disciplines related to the nuclear factor in international relations.

key goals of the project

inclusive involvement of students and young scientists in research and project activities in the field of global security

providing talented youth with opportunities for self-realization and becoming experts on nonproliferation, disarmament and global security issues

improvement of pedagogical practices and methods of teaching, implementation of educational activities in the field of nuclear nonproliferation, arms control and global security

PIR Center Partner Universities

PIR Center develops cooperation with Russian universities, where their own research schools in the field of nuclear nonproliferation and arms control have been formed.

MGIMO University



St. Petersburg State University

Tomsk State University

Novouralsk State Institute of Technology

National Research Nuclear University MEPHI

Lomonosov Moscow State University

PIR Center is open to expanding the network of partner universities and will be glad to develop cooperation with them on a sysiematic basis.