Security Index Yearbook

This is a handbook of unique analytical materials regarding the most burning issues of the global and regional agenda in the times of heated international tensions and Russian attitudes to them. This volume covers such issues of global concern as international terrorism, nuclear weapons and strategic arms control agenda, nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, new types of conventional weapons, space security, cyber diplomacy. On regional security, its concentrates on Russia-China relations, Middle East, Russia-Iran relations, assessment of prospects of BRICS, new developments in relations between Russia and African countries, security dialogue between Russia and states of Latin America, to mention just a few topics. It also contains book reviews and a chronology on recent events in global and regional security. Security Index Yearbook is designed specially to foreign expert community, decision makers, think tanks, business circles and specialists who study Russia or just want to get a fresh look at the Russian foreign and defense policy, its activities on global arena and its threat perception. Security Index Yearbook is a contribution to a better understanding of what is going on in the world and what Russia is thinking about it.

Prepared and published by MGIMO University & PIR Center Consortium since 2024 under the auspices of the Priority-2030 Strategic Academic Leadership Program.

We’re making an export-oriented product. A serious one. Profound. Innovative. 28 chapters. 31 authors, most of whom are here in this hall right now. The goal is to give foreign countries an opportunity to learn about the views of Russian experts — to hear voices from Russia. They are now being crowded out or are not yet being promoted systematically enough. What I have always found it interesting and successful to do together with MGIMO University is to combine experience and youth. Most of the authors of the Yearbook are distinguished and experienced people from the Russian expert community specializing in various aspects of international and national security. However, we have tried to give young people, primarily MGIMO University graduates, the opportunity to do interviews, prepare publications, reviews of books published in Russia over the past two years in English. It is important to show the world that our scientific elevators work continuously and that we ensure generational continuity, the transfer of experience. There is much to be proud of.

Orlov, Vladimir A.

Main topics

  • War & New World Order
  • Nuclear Weapons & Nuclear War
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation & Interests of Russia
  • New Types of Conventional Weapons
  • Emerging Technologies & Military Power
  • Russia & Cybersecurity
  • International Terrorism
  • New European Security
  • Soft Power
  • Regional Aspects of Security & Development and Interest of Russia (Africa, BRICS, China, Greater Eurasia, Latin America, Middle East, Asia Pacific)

Main readers

The Yearbook is intended for the foreign expert community; decision-makers in other states; young international affairs specialists and students from all over the world who are engaged in and interested in Russia and international security issues in general. It will be published in paper and digital formats in English at a time when the demand for understanding Russian views on various international issues and, most importantly, Russian foreign policy behaviour is greater than ever, no matter what country in the world we are looking at.

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