Scientific and educational platform that combines remote and online learning in the field of global security

Archive of materials in Russian and English related to global security (monographs, analytics, reports, workbooks, interviews, blogs, etc.)

Platform for remote events (online courses, scientific seminars, discussions, video lectures)

In 29 years of existence PIR Center has collected an extensive collection of monographs, reports, journals, archive documents, interviews, audio and video materials, which makes an inexhaustible source of experience of outstanding scientists and practitioners from all over the world in the field of WMD nonproliferation and international security. We believe that this experience should be shared with the entire community of “nonproliferators” in Russia, the CIS, the US, Europe and other countries.

Beginners and experienced specialists in global security issues, as well as everyone interested in this topic from the most remote corners of our country and all over the world can not only become consumers of educational services available on the platform, but also take an active part in the educational process. We encourage you to publish articles and blog posts, get involved in research projects, participate in online meetings and informal discussions that will be held regularly on this platform.

Goals of the NONPROLIFERATION.WORLD educational platform

archival materials and scientific heritage in the field of nuclear non-proliferation, disarmament and global security, to pass it on to new generations

knowledge in the field of nuclear non-proliferation, disarmament and global security and to involve beginners and experienced specialists in international relations in applied scientific activities

professional career of young researchers, journalists, state corporations and commercial structures employees, civil servants involved in the field of nonproliferation, disarmament and global security

NONPROLIFERATION.WORLD fully meets the current trends. Research in the field of non-proliferation, disarmament and global security, and most importantly, the approaches and policies of the Russian Federation in this area remain a rare phenomenon at a time when the relevance of international security issues is steadily growing. Moreover, society’s demand for self-development is growing too. We are learning more and more actively and thoroughly online, trying to discover new knowledge and get new professions. The online format, learning services, digital educational environments, which are distinguished by vivid imagery, flexibility and complexity of approaches to the educational process, are gaining popularity. The PIR Center has always kept pace with the times and is not going to change its principles!

It is important for us that all professional and age groups of people can use the NONPROLIFERATION.WORLD online educational platform, regardless of the level of material wealth, residence and physical capabilities. The creation of an online educational platform in the field of nonproliferation, disarmament and global security will lead to the popularization of knowledge, the formation of a single educational space, and an increase in the effectiveness of education in the designated areas. In general, NONPROLIFERATION.WORLD will be comprehensive and develop in three key areas:

Support for projects in the field of science, education, enlightenment

Preservation of historical memory

Development of public diplomacy in the field of global security