Prospects for Cooperation between Russia and the Gulf States on Global Security and High Technologies

Being an active actor in world politics, Russia is closely following the situation in the Gulf region increasing participation in the processes of raising the overall level of regional security. Moscow is demonstrating an interest not only in settling existing conflicts, but also in preventing new, sharper clashes between key regional states.

The project “Prospects for Cooperation between Russia and the Gulf States on Global Security and High Technologies” is aimed at improving the existing methodological approaches to studying the situation in the Gulf region and developing scientific and practical recommendations for analytical support of government departments and commercial organizations with a foreign policy focus, which should contribute to the growth of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

In addition, PIR Center sees as its task assistance in the search for solutions acceptable to the states of the region at the expert level in ensuring security and deepening international relations in terms of high technologies, intensifying political, scientific and expert dialogue.

The results of scientific activities within the framework of the Project are expected to be published in leading domestic and foreign journals, thereby contributing to the development of academic research in this field.

One of the key outcomes of the project will be the preparation of an additional professional education course designed for both international specialists and representatives of the technical and technological industry.

This project is being developed in context of the implementation of the joint educational project of PIR Center and MGIMO University “Global Security, Strategic Stability and Arms Control” as part of the “Priority 2030” Strategic Academic Leadership Program.