Global Internet Governance and International Information Security (archive)

The project Global Internet Governance and International Information Security is part of the PIR Center Emerging Technologies and Global Security programThe project examines the negotiation processes for the development of norms for the information space, international cooperation in issues related to Internet governance, as well as challenges to Russia’s security and international security emanating from the information space.

The Project includes research activities in the field of international information security and global Internet governance. PIR-Center believes that the analysis of these threats, in the context of the objective dualism of the global role of ICT, is an urgent task, necessary both for the purpose of forming responses within Russia and for determining priorities for international cooperation.

PIR Center started research in the field of international information security and Internet governance in the late 1990s, when these issues were just beginning to appear on the Russian security agenda. Today we use the scientific baggage of previous research as a full-fledged basis for further works. Among the problems that PIR Center experts currently explore are:

  • Global Internet governance
  • International information security: negotiation formats and norms, strategies and use of cyber tools
  • Big Data Regulation.

We actively cooperate with leading Russian experts from the Kaspersky Lab, Group-IB, Info-Watch, Cisco, and others in our trainings on new technologies and security in the field of ICT.

PIR Center closely cooperates with MGIMO, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian Diplomatic Academy, Russian and foreign research centers and universities in these and a number of other areas.