Internship Program

For young specialists who want to start a career in the fields of nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament and global security

Being an IR specialist, it is very important to work in your specialty since university. PIR Center helped me with this and gave me tremendous experience in the field of international relations. Engaging in research activities, interaction with partners from around the world, participation in international projects are just a small part of the amazing opportunities that PIR Center provides young experts. This made me realize that I am on the right path and doing what I really like for the benefit of Russian diplomacy.

Sofya S. Shestakova
PIR Center Internship Program graduate (2022), 1st-year Master’s student at Lomonosov Moscow State University

An internship at PIR Center provides young scientists with excellent opportunities for real participation in analytical preparation and coverage of key international security processes. As part of the PIR Center Internship Program, young talented specialists from higher educational institutions and research organizations are actively involved in the work to realize their scientific potential, which in the future allows them to take their rightful place among experts in the field of nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament and global security.

Graduates of the PIR Center Internship Program continue their research activities in the largest scientific centers such as Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO RAS), MGIMO University, Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, HSE University, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and others, work in foreign policy and other departments of the CIS countries, in international organizations and companies.

What awaits the participants of the PIR Center Internship Program?

  • Preparation of your own research project, during which the intern receives professional advice from PIR Center staff and partners, meets with experts from government and scientific organizations.
  • Active participation and painstaking work in research, educational, publishing and information projects of  PIR Center and partners.
  • Preparation of reference, information, analytical materials in text and video formats.
  • Preparation of blogs (publications of “small genre”) and interviews with experts.
  • Work on social networks and the PIR Center website.
  • Participation in the work in the administrative direction.


Nuclear nonproliferation

Arms control and disarmament

Cooperation in the field of peaceful atom

Regional aspects of nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament

Russian-American Dialogue on Strategic Stability

PIR Center is a place for people who are ready to work hard, efficiently, and sometimes selflessly. Interning at PIR Center makes me realize what I’m really capable of. This is a great opportunity to test your professional qualities to see in which direction to move forward. This is an invaluable experience that is worth the effort.

Ksenia A. Mineeva
Intern, Education & Training Program (2022–2023), 2nd-year Master`s student of “Global and Regional Security and Conflict Management” at Ural Federal University

you’re exactly what we need if you

  • are interested in research in the field of nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament, global security in general;
  • are a graduate, a student of the last courses of a bachelor’s or master’s degree, a graduate student in the field of international relations, regional studies, oriental studies, journalism, contemporary history, political science;
  • are fluent in Russian;
  • know English at the Advanced or Proficiency level (knowledge of other foreign languages ​​is welcome);
  • have strong communication skills and such personal qualities as responsibility and attentiveness;
  • are ready for an intensive work schedule, can work full time;
  • like creative, imaginative assignments and are not afraid to express your ideas.

Read more about conditions of participation in the PIR Center Internship Program on the link.