Security issues in the Persian Gulf region were discussed at the 118th Summer Session of the Trialogue Club International

June 22, 2023

ZVENIGOROD. JUNE 22. PIR PRESS. “The complex reset of relations in the Persian Gulf region that has begun is a vivid example of how the parties can find common ground, even while in the stage of a protracted confrontation. However, in this case, it is important to gently “accompany” this dialogue, and not try to artificially speed it up,” – Dr. Elena Chernenko, co-chair of the Trialogue Club International, Special correspondent of the Kommersant Daily.

On June 8, 2023, the 118th Extended Summer Session of the Trialogue Club International took place. It was dedicated to the topic “Iran, Israel and the Gulf. A Changing Geopolitical Landscape. Assessing Emerging Trends”.

The session was held in an extended format. In addition to members of the Club and special guests of its President, students of the XXII International School on Global Security Issues took part in the discussions.

Traditionally, Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov, President and Founder of the Trialogue Club International, Director and Founder of PIR Center, made a welcoming speech to the Club members and special guests. During his speech, he shared his opinion on the relevance of the topic under consideration for the international community.

The Session was held in the format of a panel discussion. The keynote speakers were Adlan Margoev, Research Fellow at the Center for Middle East and African Studies, Institute or International Studies at MGIMO University, member of the PIR Alumni Community, and Leonid Tsukanov, PIR Center Web Site Chief Editor, expert of the Russian International Affairs Council. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Elena Chernenko, co-chair of the Trialogue Club International, Special correspondent of the Kommersant Daily.

After the main speeches, a traditional Q&A session took place, during which the participants were able to raise the most pressing issues of the agenda, clarify the details of interest to them, and also share their own comments. It should be noted that the issues brought up for discussion evoked a lively response from the audience, and some theses became the starting point for subsequent discussions.

As before, the meeting of the Trialogue Club International was held under Chatham House rules. Following the Session, the participants were invited to an informal reception, during which they discussed a wide range of international security issues in a free format, and also exchanged informal assessments of the situation.

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