Terpugova, Veronika A.

Terpugova, Veronika A.

PIR Center
Intern, Education & Training Program
Global and regional security, arms control, global nuclear nonproliferation regime, IAEA safeguards, Iran’s nuclear program, role of nuclear weapons in Russia-U.S. relations

4th year student at the School of International Relations at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), International Relations program, International Law specialization.

Participant of the International Scientific Conference of the East European Association of Experts in Dutch Studies (DOEN) 2022, International Student Scientific Forum MGIMO New-Sci Generation Symposium of the Student Scientific Society of MGIMO University 2022, International Scientific and Practical Conference of the Russian State University for the Humanities 2022, Student Conferences of MGIMO University 2022-2023. Winner of the Inter-University Student Competition in Area Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies (Dutch Studies) 2022.

Intern at the Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2023.

Fluent in English, Dutch, German and French.

E16/MIN — 10/23